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How to Adjust Automatic Water Pump Pressure Controller?

How to Adjust Automatic Water Pump Pressure Controller?


The water pump pressure controller is an economical intelligent pressure switch that integrates pressure measurement, display and control. It has the characteristics of high cost performance, delay start, anti-vibration, high control accuracy and long service life. The upper and lower limit alarm points can be set, and it has multiple functions such as one-key error clearing and three display unit switching.


Working principle of water pump pressure controller


The working medium (oil, gas, water) of the water pump pressure controller directly acts on the metal diaphragm. The deformation of the metal diaphragm reflects the pressure of the working medium, and at the same time outputs a detection signal or a control signal. The pump pressure controller is generally a metal 316L diaphragm sensor, which can be used for neutral oil, gas medium and water. The setting value of the controller is adjustable, and the adjustment range is -0.1 ~ 40MPa, and the range is optional.


The water pump pressure controller needs to be adjusted. There is an adjustment screw on it. If you want the water pressure in the pressure tank to reach 0.3MPa, turn on the pump to fill the pressure tank and watch the pointer of the pressure gauge. When it reaches 0.3, adjust the pressure control. The screw should be counterclockwise. When the sound is heard, the pump stops working, that is, the pressure is adjusted. The lower pressure difference is fixed and cannot be adjusted. Generally, the pump will start automatically when the pressure drops to 0.15MP. When adjusting pressure, it depends on how high the rated pressure of the pump is. The set pressure cannot exceed the pressure of the pump. When filling the tank for the first time, the tank should be filled with air, that is, do not exhaust when the pump fills the tank. The water is not filling the tank, there must be air in it, otherwise the pump will start and damage the pump frequently. The usage setting of each brand may be different, but the principle is the same.


Correction methods of water pump pressure controller


First, Adjust the pressure limit to 1.5MPa (up switch value), send out the contact signal, and its operation steps:


1. Open the cover and loosen the lock.


2. Turn the setting value adjusting screw clockwise to make the setting value change from large to small until the switch contact is switched at 1.5MPa.


3. Tighten the lock.


Second, Adjust the lower pressure limit to 0.5MPa (lower switching value) to send out the contact signal, and its operation steps:


1. Open the cover and loosen the lock.


2. Turn the setting value adjustment screw counterclockwise to increase the setting value from small to large, until the switch contact is switched at 0.5MPa.


3. Tighten the lock.



The adjustment methods of the water pump pressure controller are as follow


1. The method of setting the control pressure


(1) Short press the operation key, turn off the operation indicator, and close the pressure control system.


(2) Set control upper limit/lower limit: Short press SET key once to enter the lower limit setting state (corresponding to the lower limit indicator light), set the value by (▲)(▼), after setting the lower limit, short press SET key to enter the upper limit setting, The setting method is the same as above.


(3) After the setting is completed, press the SET key to automatically save the set value to the computer chip (after parameter modification, no key operation within 5 seconds will automatically save the current parameter setting).


(4) Press the operation key again (corresponding to the operation indicator light), and the motor starts to work.


2. Unit switching method: Turn off the running key, and short press the increase key (▲) to switch the unit between MPa, Kg/cm2, and PSI. After setting, turn on the running indicator.


3. Zero reset function: Turn off the running key, long press the decrease key (▼) for 5 seconds to clear the current pressure value and correct the zero error. After setting, turn on the running indicator. (The pressure switch must not apply pressure when using this function.


water pump pressure controller circuit diagram


Some of them are stand for: configuration of empty switch (QF), contactor (KM), overload relay (FH), fuse (FU), auxiliary contact (FH), button (SB2), indicator light (RD), relay (KA1), relay (KA2), fault indicator (YE), stop button (SB1).


water pump pressure controller installation wiring method


Please check the back of the product, first connect the cable lead marked "Motor" (with 220 electricity between the output lines) to the 226 power supply end of the pump, and then connect the cable lead marked "Power" to the power supply. So as not to cause electric shock.

As one of J&T INDUSTRY's multiple product series, automatic water pump controller series enjoy a relatively high recognition in the market. It manufactured based on high-quality materials and advanced technology, has reasonable structure, excellent performance, stable quality, and long-lasting durability. It is a reliable product which is widely recognized in the market. J&T INDUSTRY has a number of professional dust-free production workshops and multiple advanced automated production lines. We could meet customers' large-quantity orders and guarantee timely delivery. Other related automatic pressure controller for water pump are as below:

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