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by:J&T     2020-04-30
When we buy stainless steel chemical pump, will have to face the problem of storage and installation, so these two aspects to which attention should be paid and how to do, talk to you today. Stainless steel chemical pump should be sealed storage, transportation and prevent from sealing data metamorphism caused by high temperature, ozone, radiation degradation data storage, such as out of touch with water, oil and other media; Don't use sealing ring ropes tighten, especially by ptfe sealing ring made of plastic, such as data, and the heat resistant data such as synthetic rubber FKM and ACM. These data low elasticity, deformation will not immediately after recovery. Sealing ring should be kept in a free state, in order to prevent permanent deformation leading to seal aging data. When the rubber parts for 1 5 to 35 ℃ or less storage temperature, relative humidity greater than 0%, 8 should be kept under the condition of free sealing ring, prevent permanent deformation causes ageing of seal data. When the rubber parts storage temperature for 15? 35 ℃, relative humidity greater than 8. 0%, the storage period is 1 year, after opening should use as soon as possible. Stainless steel chemical pump seal should first examine equipment types, standards, appearance quality, deformation, crack, damage components, such as the size and appearance of the roughness and equipment; Pay attention to the direction of the sealing device and order; Can modify the smoothing agent when necessary, add a smooth agent, the device is smooth; When installing a mechanical seal should remove dust and impurities, as far as possible to prevent hand contact friction pair of end face, and in the end with high quality, High purity) Smooth grease; Insist on sealing ring clean, don't attach wool, chip, dust, etc. ; Carefully remove groove inside the foreign body, such as metal powder and the surrounding note no cutting fluid, rust-proof oil; Equipment sealing ring objects may not have a tip or blade, in order to prevent damage of sealing ring; Installation, do not rotate the ring into the slot, prevent deformation and rolling; After entering the rabbet sealing ring at a normal state; Through the thread and the keyway, should be used to protect the sleeve; When installation, do not rotate the ring to the groove, prevent change and rolling; After sealing ring into the grooves in the normal state; When through the threads and keyway, protective sleeve should be used. These are what we should do after buying stainless steel chemical water pump, as long as these details are needed, to ensure the normal use, and extend the service life of equipment. A: no leakage chemical pump overview: next article fluorine-butterfly pump selection
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