How much milk filling efficiency - vacuum pump system

by:J&T     2020-05-28

at present, the milk cup filling system that you have met? Traditional milk cup filling system with trouble, poor practicability and high cost. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the existing milk cup filling system, to improve performance, reduce costs, improve the efficiency of milk filling, and ensure that the milk was not contaminated. In order to solve the above problems, a vacuum water pump manufacturer provides a milk cup vacuum filling system.

vacuum filling: applicable to one without gas, 2 kinds of oxidative degradation, three kinds of viscous liquid material and 4 kinds of noxious liquid material.

the working principle of vacuum water pump

it works the same as the normal displacement pump, it is made up of stator, rotor, vane, cylinders and electric motors and other major parts. With eccentric rotor blades of the rotor is installed in the fixed cylinder. When rotor high-speed rotation, the rotor slot in the four radial sliding vane water pump cavity can be divided into four studio. Due to centrifugal force and rotor blades are closely connected. Cylinder wall separated the entry and exit of the stator, and again and again started to run to change the volume. Inhalation of gas discharge from the vent, achieve the goal of extraction.

what is the main problem with aseptic milk filling?

1, the aseptic filling materials used in milk usually include metal cans, glass bottles, plastic containers, composite cans, paper base composite material and multilayer compound soft filling.

2, aseptic filling products, milk sterilization is divided into cold heat sterilization and sterilization.

3, used for filling of sterile environment aseptic filling system is mainly divided into two main types of systems: open aseptic filling system and enclosed aseptic filling system. The biggest difference between two kinds of system is a closed aseptic filling system has the sterile room. Milk is pasteurized, finalize the design and fill in the sterile room, can effectively prevent microbial contamination, so enclosed aseptic filling system has been in the industry. To obtain a wide range of applications.

4, completely sealed after filling is the last link of aseptic filling, is also a key link in the process of direct effect on milk shelf life and storage life. During operation, on the one hand, the invasion of the need to prevent microbial and gas or vapor, on the other hand, to ensure the filler will not overflow, and seal will not leak.

in order to implement aseptic milk filling, besides should pay attention to the above four o 'clock, it's more important is to improve the health and safety consciousness, strengthen the health and safety management, strict quality control, and filling production. Rest assured milk.

vacuum pump on the milk filling production line is set up at the same time, the column of the application of channel and milk, milk and to implement the internal use of the internal cylinder driving column column of pumping and injection. The milk in the piston cylinder injection. Therefore, the existing valve type filling milk cup filling system practical difference, filling quantity adjustment difficulties, later period maintenance cost is high, the product easy to pollution, long service life.

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