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by:J&T     2020-05-22

roots vacuum pump needs regular cleaning and maintenance, which can effectively prolong the service life, reduce the failure rate. However, few people can accurately control the law. Our company often receive serious wear and most of the damage to repair the pump, the final cost and money. Therefore, the correct control of vacuum pump maintenance time is very important. Small make up today I will share the discussion to the correct maintenance of the roots vacuum pump interval.

1。 The roots vacuum pump need to check on a regular basis. Daily check include:

( 1) Check the oil level, too much oil will make temperature, too little will cause poor lubrication oil; ( 2) Temperature check: use thermometer to check the temperature of the pump parts; (3) the motor load check: use power meter, ammeter and voltmeter to measure motor load.

2。 Roots vacuum pump monthly check: loose coupling and gasket is damaged or.

3。 Check: once every three months whether lubricating oil in gearbox.

4。 Once every six months to check: front cover bearing lubricating oil is bad, in the piston ring and piston end paper sets for wear and gear of mild wear affect the normal operation of the rotor, and whether to need to adjust, etc.

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