How food vacuum pump in the vacuum packaging machine maintenance -

by:J&T     2020-05-15

vacuum packaging machine is mainly composed of five parts: in the working chamber, work platform, frame, electric system and vacuum system.

work process: first, close the lid and vacuum pump suction air from the working cavity, when achieving vacuum, vacuum water pump stop working; Open the pressure valve, give a balloon inflated, layering pressure on the seals, heat seals electrical heating at the same time. After a few seconds, the heat seal without electricity, heating, after the completion of layering cooling 2 - continue to pressure on the seals 3 seconds, the purge valve open electricity, air into the studio automatically open, to complete a working cycle.

vacuum packing's main function is to remove oxygen, to prevent food spoilage. Its principle is relatively simple, because food mildew deterioration is mainly caused by the activity of microorganism, and most microorganisms ( Such as mold and yeast) Need oxygen to survive. Vacuum packaging using this principle to extract oxygen in the cells, packaging and food making microorganisms lose 'survival environment'. In addition to inhibit microbial growth and reproduction, vacuum degassing and another important function of prevent food oxidation. Grease food contains a lot of unsaturated fatty acids, these will be oxidized under the action of fatty acids in oxygen, lead to the flavor of the food and metamorphism. In addition, the oxidation can also lead to the loss of vitamins A and C, the volatile substances in food coloring will be under the influence of oxygen, leading to A dark. DNA, therefore, can effectively prevent food spoilage, and maintain its color, aroma, taste and nutritional value. The main functions of the vacuum packing in addition to the vacuum packaging of oxygen and guarantee the quality and function, also have the function of the compressive resistance, air and fresh, can effectively keep food for a long time the original color, aroma, taste, shape, and nutritional value. In addition, many food is not fit for vacuum packing, must through the vacuum packaging. Crispy food, easy to agglomerate, for example, food, easy to deformation of oily food, sharp edges or high hardness will puncture bags of food, etc. Food after vacuum packaging, packaging bags of inflation pressure higher than atmospheric pressure outside the bag, can effectively prevent food crushed under pressure and deformation, and does not affect the appearance of the packaging and decoration printing.

when we use the vacuum packing machine, we must pay attention to the maintenance of the vacuum pump, but there are a lot of maintenance methods, we still need to find out the most effective. When we buy a vacuum packaging machine, we will involve the vacuum packaging machine after-sales problem, it is also a production enterprise of important reference. Why do you want to repair vacuum packing? Is the purpose of repair in order to better use vacuum packaging machine, and how to make the vacuum packing machine is more efficient. The need to better repair and maintenance of the machine, in order to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

is the purpose of repair and maintenance to ensure the reliability of equipment operation, which ensure the reliability of the use value, and minimize maintenance costs. In order to optimize maintenance decision, the first to select reasonable repair methods. In fact, the popular view is that we should to do a good job of vacuum packaging machine maintenance. This is because the device is not affected by the outside world, the use of too much, lead to premature aging equipment, reduce the production efficiency. As the official puts it, even if we maintain it, it will cost us money, and it will delay the production and use, a waste of time and money.

if we can according to the requirement of the vacuum packing machine do regular maintenance and maintenance, replacement of vacuum pump oil. In particular, the vacuum pump for vacuum packing is very important. Once the pump is damaged, it is often irreversible, maintenance cost is very high. This is why small make up said equipment damage due to abrasion in use process. However, if we ignore the management, maintenance and repair, at ordinary times will cause damage to the vacuum packaging machine. Not the way to the final maintenance, maintenance and repair is the best protection vacuum packaging machine.

all in all, the general public only need according to the above content to maintain the vacuum packaging machine vacuum pump is ok, don't worry about

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