How do I select the vacuum generator vacuum suction cup? _

by:J&T     2020-06-04

in the vacuum, widely used in the industries of each big factory, and we can often be used in contact, vacuum, divided into corrugated, flat and some special sucker, sucker sucker vacuum, the application of reduce a lot of people can't operating procedures and improve the work efficiency, today we'll learn that vacuum, the application of the process and how to select the vacuum vacuum generator?

what is the application of vacuum suction cup?

vacuum cup by pipe and vacuum generator connected, and to improve items, after contact, such as plane plastic objects, paper, start the pump, vacuum generator to generate negative pressure suction cups, which will bring goods to absorb, you can begin to move items. When things moved to the destination smoothly air into the vacuum suction cup, make the vacuum cup by the negative air pressure to become zero or slight positive pressure, vacuum suction cups, stay away from an upgrade last completed ascending moved to send items. Is simply, suction cup dish and the workpiece surface contact form an airtight space, to keep the pressure difference, both inside and outside the suction cups, and adsorption, the purpose of grasping artifacts.

vacuum sucker system of vacuum generator how to choose?

vacuum way according to the diameter of the vacuum cup and the number to select the vacuum generator or vacuum water pump

the first, if the number of vacuum suction cup is not many, the diameter of the suction cup is not small, should be used in jet vacuum generator vacuum is more economic. Because of the jet vacuum generator itself is generally required to produce vacuum compressed air, does not need to be assembled and other vacuum pipeline.

the second, if a waste gas is larger, such as color picture tube manufacturing enterprises, chuck is big enough, the diameter of the suction for plate too big, that should choose to use vacuum pump is more reasonable, so as to achieve efficiency.

vacuum suction cups for the factory to solve a lot of problems, like artificial crawl before transport toxic and corrosive objects, now completely use suction cups instead of artificial crawl, and vacuum suction cup can normally 24 hours continuously in the engineering work for us, to ensure the safety and efficiency, vacuum, is really a perfect vacuum system.

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