How do I select the - the type of the vacuum pump

by:J&T     2020-05-28

a, when choosing a vacuum pump, determine the product should be ensure that release of gas in the process of extraction. In the process of the application of the vacuum pump, a variety of gas medium, such as inflammable, explosive, condensation, easy to reverse, easy corrosion and so on. The vacuum pump must be selected to ensure its applicability. For example, will produce large amounts of water vapor in the process, and the choice of vacuum pump must be suitable for water vapor extraction.

2, limiting vacuum of vacuum water pump must be higher than that of the vacuum degree necessary for the process, at least one order of magnitude higher, and the equipment suitable for the work required vacuum degree within the scope of work. Limiting vacuum of vacuum pump is a vacuum water pump speed is zero can achieve. Therefore, in order to ensure that the vacuum pump suction speed within the vacuum degree of work, must meet its ultimate vacuum is greater than the vacuum degree of work, and within the area between need large pumping speed.

three, vacuum pumping speed should be greater than the maximum displacement. In order to guarantee the vacuum degree, if in the process of vacuum pump selection involves continuous deflated, vacuum pump and vacuum system of the extraction speed should be greater than the maximum in the process of deflated. If the system is equipped with cold trap or baffle, after add trap or baffle the effective pumping speed should be greater than the maximum gas release. If suddenly appeared in the process of gas release, effective pumping speed of the system shall be appropriately increased, usually in the form of the biggest gas release a quantity to 2 - Three times.

4, the choice of the vacuum pump, vacuum pump working medium and the choice of manufacturing materials must conform to the technical requirements. Apply to the vacuum pump application, particularly in the field of medicine, chemical industry, battery, etc. Extraction of medium are often corrosive gas, which requires the equipment with the corresponding anti-corrosion measures. Acidic and alkaline gases, for example, needs to have the corresponding anti-corrosion coating, or material change to stainless steel pump, in order to prevent the corrosion. For gas containing dust or particles, the entrance of the pump should be added before filter, filter or the pump itself.

5, need continuous production process, the vacuum pump must meet the needs of continuous production. When necessary, set up a backup vacuum pump, can be automatically replaced, in order to reduce the accident cause disruption. If the amount of gas released in the process of less and less, you can set the maintenance pump to save energy and reduce consumption.

6, vacuum water pump, the use of the economy. In the process of vacuum pump selection, when a variety of vacuum pump at the same time meet the technological requirements, should carry on the economic analysis of cost and operation cost, choose economical, reliable operation, maintenance, small volume, convenient in operation and maintenance of vacuum pump.

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