How do I select the _ screw vacuum pump type

by:J&T     2020-05-19

before using screw vacuum pump, it is necessary to confirm their model, so that it can better use the efficiency. So, how to confirm the model? We mentioned in this article the seven content, deficiencies please let small make up.

1, according to the process parameters, as described in the physical and chemical properties of transmission medium parameters, such as combination with the characteristics of products to determine which to choose from the series screw vacuum pump.

2, and then determine the need of screw vacuum pump rated flow.

3, in addition to determine the screw vacuum pump head.

4, determine the rating of the screw vacuum pump motor.

5, look at the spectrum diagram of screw vacuum pump series, corresponding to the flow and head in the scope of which model, it can be preliminarily determined model, usually in different speed, can choose a model respectively.

6, check the original choice model of the performance curve, audit NPSH NPSHr device meets NPSH NPSHa requirements.

7, check the performance curve of the selected models approved the rated working point of fall within the efficient pump screw vacuum pump work areas. Screw vacuum pump efficiency comprehensive comparison, The lower the speed, the longer life) Speed and price, screw vacuum pump described to determine the final model.

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