How do explosion-proof chemical pump motor wiring?

by:J&T     2020-06-23
Explosion-proof chemical pump is commonly used in the production of anti-corrosion pump, due to the production condition and place is different, need to blast, the user in selecting chemical water pump must also explosion-proof, explosion-proof chemical water pump explosion-proof motor is a kind of a motor can be used in inflammable and explosive places, the runtime does not produce sparks. Explosion-proof motor is mainly used in coal mine, petroleum, petrochemical and chemical industry. In addition, in the textile, metallurgy, city gas, transportation, grain and oil processing, paper making, medicine and other departments have also been widely used. As a major power equipment, explosion-proof electric motor is often used to drive pumps, fans, compressors and other mechanical transmission, etc. A how connection explosion-proof motors, explosion-proof motor should be in a dedicated terminal box, junction box must also form a complete set such as rubber seal, JBQ type motor lead wire these special explosion-proof electrical connection of the two, explosion-proof motor of note: 1, the junction box installed check clearance and creepage distance: 380/660 v small clearance 10 mm, small to 18 mm creepage distance. 1140 v 18 mm small electrical clearance and creepage distance for 30 mm. 2, for double outlet of junction box, the outlet should have a thickness of not less than 2 mm metal sealing plug, metal sealing piece of outlet and inlet line of outer diameter and device outlet hole diameter should be close, to ensure uniform pressure plate or gland nut pressure tight seal, to achieve reliable seal. 3, junction box into the line is through pressure rubber ring seal, the structure weakness is the ageing of the rubber ring, elasticity, make the cable and rubber ring does not agree with. Three, explosion-proof motor operation and maintenance of note 1, by using the environment should be paid attention to choose the type of explosion-proof motor. 2, we will strictly according to the requirements set short-circuit, overload, overheating, lack of equal protection, and regularly check for these protection device, to ensure its effective. 3, non-professional personnel are strictly forbidden to any part of the overhaul the motor. 4, connect the power cord should be according to the following procedure: after remove junction box cover, screw connection under, out of the socket into the line of rubber gasket, and will set the two parts on the cable. Note: 1, the rubber gasket inner hole must be same as the outer diameter of the cable, can not have larger space, otherwise, when the pressure connection pipe, rubber gaskets and cable can't form seal, such as terminal box exploded, external explosion will cause the motor, thus losing flame-proof function. 2, the cable from the terminal box the introduction of inlet box, three core wire wrap separately in their respective terminal ( Mine explosion-proof motor and the grounding conductor must be wire wrap on the grounding screw) , a conductor must be rounded pressure within the two bow washer, then tighten the terminal nut. 3, after the cable after completed, the rubber gasket installed. Set up the connection and screw down the screws, in order to make the end pressure rubber ring connection pipe, make its banding cable completely. 4, if you want to tear open outfit, should pay special attention to protect surface of flame-proof and winding from bruising. If more than one tear open outfit at the same time, it should be removed parts separate storage, forbid to orange. If the removed parts will be put on hold for a period of time, should make necessary antirust processing for the explosion-proof surface. 5, all kinds of explosion-proof motor fault is a major reason is that the insulation be affected with damp be affected with damp. So, closed structure of electrical equipment, and in many cases is not enough to protect it from bad weather factors. In the electrical equipment enclosure should, therefore, there are some special device, to ensure that the climate condition was improved. One must include the humidity of the air conditioning, the device is used to reduce the air relative humidity and moisture in the chassis, the occasional drops of moisture from the inside of the casing to eliminate and prevent through bearings and seals to hydrate.
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