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by:J&T     2020-04-22
Product overview horizontal stainless steel chemical pump is based on IH the structure of centrifugal pump and vertical pump unique combination of design, in strict accordance with ISO 2858 international standard and the latest national pipeline centrifugal pump standard JB/T 53058 - 93 design and manufacture of high efficiency and energy saving products. Domestic use of advanced hydraulic model of the pump were optimized. Is the national standard to finalize the design to promote products. Product features horizontal chemical pump is a kind of high efficiency and energy saving of stainless steel water pump, cover an area of an area small, easy to maintain, low vibration, low noise advantages. 304 stainless steel 304 L, 316316 L 1 flow range. 5, 1200 m ~ 3 h, or less, increasing scope for 5 m products use applies to petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, papermaking, food, medicine, synthetic fiber, form a complete set of equipment and other industries. In the temperature - A: on 20 120 ℃ or less working principle of the metering water pump is what? Next article: CZ chemical water pump characteristics
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