High temperature water pump what - surface protection material and process requirements

by:J&T     2020-05-14

abrasion and corrosion is always the key problem of high temperature water pump operation and maintenance. Surface protection material and technology of the traditional far cannot satisfy the requirement of water water pump cavitation and wear resistance. Therefore, in order to effectively enhance the heat pumps, in addition to use stainless steel or other hard alloy manufacturing blade, circulation of cavitation and abrasion resistance on the surface of the surface protection technology of continuous study.

usually, high temperature water pump must have the technical requirements for surface protection material:

1, high strength and hardness, can be resistant to cavitation and wear; 2, energy absorbing shock toughness;

3, high bond strength, 30 per second - in the pump 35 meters high speed water flow under the impact of not stripping;

4, the price of the coating must be moderate, for large and medium-sized pumping stations and large rural small and medium sized pumping station;

5, coating material should be non-toxic, no combustible and explosive, easy to store and transport, and not the surrounding environment pollution.

processing requirements in order to promote and application of surface protection technology, processing technology must be:

1, the process is very simple, can be held by different levels of operator;

2, used in the processing of tools, Equipment) Should be in the market or generally easy to obtain maintenance work of the pump station, and moderate price, without the need for special and expensive equipment;

3, the process should not be influenced by season and the surrounding environment, pumping station can undertake during winter and spring maintenance;

4, do not need special coating insulation, can be quickly cured or put into use after coating, to shorten the maintenance period.

heat pump running smooth, coaxial degree is high, the water pump impeller of dynamic and static balance, ensure stable running, small vibration, save a space, coaxial motor and water pump, greatly reducing the pump area and space, save the construction. Investment, in addition to the pump mechanical seal friction pair outside without any metal friction, and the performance is stable for a long time.

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