High temperature vertical pipe pump structure and characteristics are introduced

by:J&T     2020-06-25
In pump industry use, according to different working condition and use of medium, low temperature water pump, water water pump and heat pump at normal temperature in a lot, there are many kinds of water pump form, horizontal centrifugal pump, magnetic pump, vertical pipe pump, etc. , for high temperature and what are the characteristics of vertical pipe pump, composed of what parts? Anhui gold pump valve temperature vertical pipe pump has a metal stainless steel vertical pipe pump, fluorine plastic vertical pipe pump, etc. Vertical pipe is also called the booster pump, introduces below high temperature vertical pipeline pump; Example: the existing high temperature type vertical pipe water pump, using high temperature about 120 ℃, the pressure of 2. 5MPa。 Under high temperature and high pressure conditions of existing products can not meet the use requirement. Therefore, the new design of a high temperature resistant, high temperature high pressure type OH3 vertical pipe pump to fill in the blank. A high temperature, vertical pipe pump structure and characteristics of using the pump equipment selection and the radial cutting discrete single-stage centrifugal pump, with large flow, high head, large power, high-efficiency hydraulic model and the characteristics of high efficiency. Design of temperature and pressure for 5. 0 MPa, using temperature is 450 ℃, it is mainly used for pumping high temperature and high pressure cleaning or contained granular media. Impeller entrance to the special design, improve the NPSHr ( Necessary NPSH) 。 With double volute water pump shell structure, is used to balance the radial force. Coupling with long, do not remove the motor can change the bearing and mechanical seal, convenient maintenance. 1 vertical heat pipe pump structure. Motor frame 2. Fan is 3. Rolling bearing 4. Bearing housing 5. 6. Bracket 7. Mechanical seal 8. Sliding bearing. Mouth ring 10. Impeller structure analysis and innovative design bearing parts design, design for a diagonal contact ball bearing with a group of combination of sliding bearing structure. From the upper part of angular contact ball bearing axial force and radial force, lower radial sliding bearing force near the impeller. The distance between the two bearing 500 mm, in line with the big distance between API610 shaft guide bushing, and structure is more compact. Bearing housing design alone through check mouth positioning in bearing frame, coupling using the stretched diaphragm coupling. During maintenance, without having to remove the motor, and can directly remove bearing housing, together with the ball bearing, mechanical seal, loading and unloading is convenient. Sliding bearing is not only inherit the radial force, when the pump outlet pressure is bigger also can balance the axial force effect, make the seal chamber pressure approximately equal to the inlet pressure, can make the pump design pressure to 5. 0MPa。 When pumping have impurities particle medium, can be in sliding bearing ( Hole W) Going into the pressure is greater than the impeller back pressure polluting the medium cleaning and foreign media, flush particles directly into the pump chamber, the sliding bearing cooling and lubrication effect, also can indirectly protect mechanical seal without intrusion, prolonging the service life of mechanical seal, at the same time when choosing mechanical seal, can consider to remove particulate matter, effectively reduce the cost of pump. Rolling bearing adopts fan cooling. In the shaft rotate at the same time, the fan is able to dissipate heat, thus reduce the load on the structure and bearing temperature. The scheme solving condition without process cooling water, reduce the consumption of auxiliary line, water saving and energy saving. In the aspect of material selection. Under the condition of high temperature, the pump casing and impeller sealing ring, shaft sleeve and sleeve all key parts choose the proper alloy material LEWMET ( Road is getting) Alloy, can greatly improve the corrosion resistance and wear resistance of heat pump, this is what other material does not have unique advantages. Intelligent products. Not only intelligent manufacturing is the main development goals of the future, but also need to design products into intelligent concept. Now centrifugal pump axial force balance is mainly the impeller design method such as balance hole, balance and balance drum, the multi-purpose single-stage pump impeller design balance hole method. And the design of the balance hole is not accurate theoretical calculation method, are in accordance with the impeller mouth ring gap 5 ~ 8 times to estimate, when the impeller mouth ring wear, axial force increases, balance hole design is too small will make fixed bearing load is too big, damage of rolling bearing. Balance hole design is too big, there will be a lot of fluid backflow to the entrance, disrupt the inlet flow condition, reduce the efficiency. So here introduce intelligent concept, adopt the balancing tube axial force ( P hole) Solution. First of all, in the rolling bearing is equipped with temperature monitoring sensor interface, remote real-time monitor the bearing temperature. Secondly in the balance design of intelligent electric valve on the pipeline. Electric valve automatically adjust the electric valve controller, monitor the bearing temperature, when the bearing temperature reaches the specified value ( Can be set on the floor) , the electric control valve automatically on and off. Through the intelligent control, not only can protect the bearing, increase the life of pump, and can reduce more than the flow loss and effective additional improve the pump efficiency.
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