High temperature vacuum pump problem how to deal with -

by:J&T     2020-07-01

1。 Vacuum pump of high temperature cause analysis

( 1) The motor power, working current is big, calorific value is big.

( 2) Less number of fan blades, the air volume is small.

( 3) Low fan speed, air pressure, air volume is small.

( 4) Vacuum pump motor bus voltage of 380 v, uneven distribution of pressure drop due to cable and load, motor actual applied voltage is 365 v, only lower lead to run large current.

( 5) Motor with dust and oil pollution and reduce the heat dissipation capacity.

2。 High temperature vacuum pump countermeasures

the motor power and speed matching with vacuum pump, can't change. Fan installed on the main shaft of the motor. The speed of the motor determine the fan speed, can not be replaced. While increase the number of the fan blade can play a role, but when the blade number increases, the dynamic balance is not easy to find. If alignment is not good, the vibration of the motor will increase.

( 1) To extend the original fan cover 40 centimeters, install a the same as the fan casing diameter of axial flow fan. Axial flow fan motor power of 850 watts, speed is 1489 RPM, voltage is 380 v, the original fan is constant. Axial flow fan is controlled by another power source, and axial flow fan and the main motor interlock. Vacuum pump starts timely start axial flow fan, vacuum water pump close 30 minutes after the axial flow fan, make the main motor to cool completely.

( 2) Clear the dust on the machine regularly, keep the motor heat sink clean, increase the heat dissipation ability;

( 3) Adjust the vacuum pump of busbar voltage to 400 v

3. Vacuum pump temperature

( 1) Axial flow fan speed is high, the wind pressure and air volume is big, greatly enhance the cooling effect. In the same environment temperature and load power flow, main motor temperature 12 ℃. Summer, the temperature of the main vacuum pump motor no more than the limit again.

( 2) Slow down the speed of main motor insulation aging and prolong the service life of the main motor.

( 3) Axial flow fan can be manual control. Main motor is turned off, axial flow fan can still run, fully cooling the main motor.

( 4) Adjust the voltage, the diaphragm pump working current down to 210 a, relatively lower calorific value.

( 5) Try to balance the second bus load distribution, in order to prevent the first section busbar voltage drop is too large due to overload.

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