High temperature multistage centrifugal pump maintenance note what _

by:J&T     2020-05-15

high temperature multistage centrifugal pump repair water water pump, if conditional word, had better read by manufacturers of the general assembly drawing and maintenance instructions, and see which parts of the world need to pay special attention to.

high temperature multistage centrifugal disintegration:

1. Remove the dial gauge should be used to stop by the balance measurement of thrust bearing disk space, and make records;

back when loading, each section of the wrong original assembly sequence must be marked as

2. Multistage centrifugal disintegration, in order to avoid confusion;

3。 It is not easy to do a small piece of ( As a key) Or can be placed in the impeller blades ( C) At the same level etc.

4。 Intuitively feel whether there are abnormal parts, such as loose and collapse.

high temperature multistage centrifugal pump component overhaul:

1. Normal on the surface of the part on the vision of each corresponding match whether surface must be free of knock against scratches, no rust, etc. ;

2。 Tolerance is qualified by measuring the key measurement site;

3。 Impeller sealing ring, sealing ring shell, described in the guide vane ring seal, ( HTF tube pump) Level such as the amount of clearance between sleeve in the allowable range, excessive wear need to be replaced;

4。 Check in good bearing;

5。 All seals, gaskets drunk with good new submersible pump;

high temperature multistage centrifugal pump back pack:

1. Installation of the rotor, balance test again;

2。 According to the segment multistage centrifugal pump installed in the reverse order of the component, on the back ( Heat pump) Please note that the quantity of each ring gap value again, back, and to ensure the correct loading;

       3. Before the balance disc. Device to measure the total series of rotor;

4。 Half will balance disc, rotor string;

the amount of the string assembly manufacturing requirements, and control the half amount, should conform to the basic requirements of the drawings. Usually half a string is half a list of quantity to satisfy measurement;

6。 Even good each main bolts tighten, note response Angle;

7。 By stretching, generally not more than 0. 06 spare shaft, rotation of the balance disc broadcast table, tolerance;

8。 Note that the thrust bearing assembly should stop gap, adjust the balance board should be ahead of adjustable ring bearing disk space is used to be adjusted to balance the appended drawings

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