High temperature hot oil pump manufacturer to let you see from the two angles - heat pump maintenance work

by:J&T     2020-05-14

high temperature oil pump is we often encountered in daily production process equipment. To the user, when using the device still need to pay attention to some matters needing attention, to ensure that the equipment efficiency and effectively improve the service life of hot oil water pump. Next, I will from the perspective of high temperature heat water pump manufacturer preventive maintenance and introduces the use of high temperature oil pump taboo.

1, in the use of heat pump, please do not confuse pump category labels. Calculation standard to avoid confusion, gear oil with high classification mark, engine oil with low classification mark. But the old gear oil level low. It should be noted is that gear oil and engine oil viscosity is not the same grade, the same type cannot be used interchangeably. Please do not be used for gear oil engine oil, otherwise serious accidents will happen in the engine, the burning bush, for example, viscous and cylinder piston top sintering.

2, rational use of heat pump is favorable to the maintenance of the gear. Gear oil service life is longer. If you are using a single stage motor oil, during seasonal maintenance will use different viscosity values. If the release of the old oil is not in the oil change period, you can use in the car when oil change again. The used oil should be kept in a safe place, prevent water and mechanical impurities and waste oil pollution.

3, timely oil change: new oil should be replaced according to the specified index of the oil change. If there is no oil analysis tool, can change oil within the stipulated time. Car manufacturers recommend the oil change period is 30000 - 48000km。 Oil change, please strike put away, the old oil and clean before adding new oil gear and gear box. Come on, want to prevent water and impurities to enter.

4, in use process, dilution of the diesel oil to the gear oil in shall be strictly forbidden, and do not bake for rear axle and gearbox, because it will affect the beginning of winter, in order to avoid serious deterioration gear oil. If this happens, please replace the multistage gear oil of low viscosity.

5, fuel quantity should be appropriate: fuel quantity should be appropriate, not too much or too little. Too much oil will not only increase the rolling resistance and the fuel consumption, and it may through the rear axle shell with brake drum gear oil ( If seal is not good) , resulting in brake failure; May be harmful to the repairing. Gear oil in the oil level usually should be flush with the bottom edge of the gear box filler, and often should check leakage, gear oil tank and oil seal and gasket must be intact.

high temperature oil pump is axial suction, vertical heat transmission medium circulation pump. Circulation medium transmission without particles, fibrous liquid ( Heat transfer oil, water, ethylene glycol) And so on. entry into circulation liquid, export through pipe screw connection. It has never leak, elegant appearance, high lift, fast speed, low noise, stable performance characteristics. Heat pump is widely used in rubber injection machine, rubber extrusion equipment, small precision temperature control mold temperature machine, machine tool cooling fluid circulation, etc.

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