High temperature heat pump manufacturers; How to deal with seal leak - high temperature oil pump take place

by:J&T     2020-05-14

hot oil pump is ideal for hot oil circulation pump or pump. Is an ideal heat exchange equipment form a complete set of pump. Heat pump technology is advanced, high efficiency. It can be run stably for a long time and won't leak under high temperature. Additional cooling system is safe and reliable heating medium in China is widely used in the heating system. It has entered the various industrial fields such as petroleum, chemical industry, rubber, plastics, pharmaceutical, textile, printing and dyeing, road construction and food. It is used for conveying weak corrosive high-temperature liquid without solid particles. Using temperature is 400 ℃ or less, is the ideal hot oil circulation pump.

high temperature heat pump heat pump manufacturer said the spontaneous heat radiating structure, changed the conventional water cooling structure, simple structure, small volume, saves the cost of work, good function, use and reliable. It is based on the digestion and absorption of foreign oil pump and the development of the second generation product. The structure of the basic method is single stage single suction cantilever support structure. inlet is axial suction, export from base straight upward. It together with the motor installed on the base.

in the use of high temperature in the process of oil pump, if the seal leakage occurs, then the user should do a good job. First, we need to check the cause of the failure. Next, I will briefly analyze the cause of everyone.

1, the oil quality is not clean, oil return not free or hole diameter of the outside diameter of the seal seat ring too loose matching.

2, gland installation is not correct, clogging the drain on the front cover and back cover.

3, the installation of pump body in the opposite direction, so the hydraulic ports connect to unload groove, formation pressure to flush seal ring.

4, tubing thread is not tight. High temperature oil pump seal is an important part of high temperature heat pump. It seems to play the role of a fixed shaft and sealing medium. If heat pump seal leakage, first check the seal selection and installation is correct, then check whether working conditions for stable running.

heat pump to start a small amount of leakage is normal. After entering in a certain time after sealing surface, leakage will be reduced or stopped. Due to the high temperature oil pump shaft on the front end is equipped with stuffing box, so the sealing function is more reliable. It equipped with mechanical seal device, it is impossible so many leaks, and a small amount of leakage through the nozzle leakage and accept.

reading this high temperature hot oil pump manufacturers; Heat water pump seal leak how handle used in the farm also read the roots vacuum pump efficiency

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