High temperature heat pump installation problems in _

by:J&T     2020-05-14

hot water pump of the pump body material is cast steel, resistant to below 350 degrees Celsius, the seal is divided into two kinds of the oil and water, is a kind of imported skeleton seal, resistance temperature is 350 degrees Celsius; One is domestic skeleton seal, temperature is 300 degrees Celsius. If the customer need to temperatures below 300 degrees Celsius, can consider to choose domestic skeleton seal.

before the heat pump operation, often will appear problem, so should pay attention to the installation of the hot water pump, the small make up for everyone to do a simple introduction.

1, the entrance of the heat pump installation height can't more than 1 m, in conditions allow, suction should as far as possible under low water storage pool.

2, piping installation should try to shorten the length of the suction pipe, and reduce the use of the elbow ( This is conducive to shorten the self-priming time) 。

3, check valve, flange, etc. , in suction line in advance to avoid air leakage or leakage of liquid, and so on and so forth.

4, in the suction line must be equipped with appropriate filters, prevent the inhalation of solid impurities such as in the pump body.

heat water pump in use process should also attach importance to prevent the happening of the seal leakage phenomenon, specific methods are:

1, gland installation is inaccurate and plugging the drainage hole on the front cover and back cover;

2, the outside diameter of the seal seat ring aperture with too loose;

3, pump body, the way to pressure oil mouth on unloading groove, formation pressure sealing ring out;

4, clean oil, oil return is not clear;

5, the tubing thread with imprecise: heat pump seal as an important part of the high temperature heat conduction oil pump, play a fixed axis, the effect of sealing medium, hot water pump such as leakage, on the first check the selection and installation of the seal, the second check condition of stable operation.

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