High pure dry type screw vacuum pump in vacuum technology application

by:J&T     2020-05-14

with the development of the society of new and high technology, more and more industries to clean vacuum and more strict environmental protection requirements, to avoid the pollution of oil and oil leakage. Therefore, dry screw vacuum pump is developing rapidly.

dry screw vacuum pump is mainly used for high purity vacuum processing, can be dealt with condensing steam gas and gas containing fine particles. Screw vacuum pump because of its low energy consumption, high water pump speed, long life, maintenance-free characteristics, widely used in petroleum chemical industry, metallurgical industry, pharmaceutical industry, biological technology, paper-making industry, electronic optical engineering and other industries.

screw vacuum pump by the motor stator and rotor, the rotor disc cylinder, motor, engine and other major parts. It is a kind of suction device, perform the pump shell high-speed synchronous inversion of suction and exhaust function.

because screw vacuum pump vacuum pump no matter ( Vacuum pump oil, water, etc. ) Through the screw vacuum pump gas without vacuum pump material contamination. Under such screw vacuum pump cooling part into superheated steam cooling section, further improve the utilization rate of the organic solvent raw materials, especially good for under pump is difficult to the cooling of the raw material.

by this process, screw vacuum pump exhaust from basically may contain industrial waste gas. In addition, the screw water pump discharge gas and through tube cooler shell lientang, noise is reduced greatly.

screw vacuum compared to start the motor, the low vacuum pump, pumping and throughput is small, but small size, convenient installation, simple maintenance, mobile convenience, no environmental pollution, especially suitable for the demand is higher.

so, when buying the screw vacuum pump, must first determine the vacuum degree required. If demand is high, the selected screw vacuum pump must be higher than the requirement of the vacuum degree, otherwise will do not accord with standard of work.

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