Heat pump using lubrication in the work is too important

by:J&T     2020-06-29
1, high temperature of pump inspection include:

1) Check the use of heat pump and high tank temperature heat conduction oil, it is strictly prohibited to more than 70 ℃, to prevent coking and leakage.

2) Rotating heat pump body and coal-fired furnace hearth, grate and its auxiliary equipment. It is necessary to timely find problems and take corresponding measures.

3) Coal-fired furnace hearth should not appear on fire and suction phenomenon. Furnace high temperature thermal conductivity of steel structure and masonry and gear pump furnace door should be intact, to keep furnace sealing.

4) Check pressure gauge, temperature table and its flow pressure gauge whether the value of in the normal, to determine the operation mode of boiler.

5) Check all kinds of equipment operation. There should be no noise during transmission. Before lifting machine, coal furnace coal furnace on the governor speed governor should have enough oil, and induced draft fan should be filled with lubricating oil. Of the connection.

2, heat pump lubrication work:

lubricated each lubrication point, in order to ensure the normal operation of the operating equipment.

3, using a heat pump work:

record data ( Pressure, differential pressure, temperature, temperature difference) And problems found during inspection, and must be documented that provides the basis for future fault diagnosis and processing.

in addition, the heat pump must be checked before use. Must remove the entry and exit of asbestos mat, and pump can be flexible rotation. According to certain order to the production and use, before the start of the preparation work to improve the work efficiency. Before working in the hot oil water pump, the pump has been filled with liquid, then start the hot oil water pump. Impeller rapid rolling. Impeller blades to drive liquid rolling. When liquid rolling, it relies on inertial flow to the outside edge of the impeller. In this process, the liquid flow around the blade of the impeller. In the process of flow, liquid in order to enhance force on the blade. In turn, leaves with equal force and lift along the effect on the liquid in the opposite direction. The force acting on the liquid indeed. Make the liquid to an energy flow from the impeller, which then can increase the kinetic energy of the liquid and pressure.

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