Heat pump selection and maintenance of _

by:J&T     2020-05-14
Heat pump technology is applied to the following industry:

in plastic industry and the foundry industry, mold temperature control equipment

large frying, baking equipment, the use of high temperature cooking oil and food, animal feed heating drying

plastic leather industry, rubber roller pressing and heating furnace

, dyeing and finishing industry in the dye tank heating

, drilling platforms and oil tank of crude oil heating

in the papermaking industry, heating

2, several important parameters: the heat pump type

1, the traffic is one of the important performance data of selected oil pump, it is directly related to the entire plant production capacity and transmission capacity. Such as design process design can calculate a normal, minimum, maximum three flow pump. Choosing water pump, based on maximum flow, normal flow, give attention to two or morethings when there is no maximum flow, usually desirable to normal flow rate of 1. 1 times as the maximum flow.

2, the temperature of the oil pump, choose a maximum of operating fluid temperature requirements, for example, the temperature of the maximum requirement is 350, but the actual maximum operating temperature of the pump is 320, that will cause the oil or pump broken cannot run directly, so be sure to choose a suitable or greater than the maximum operating fluid temperature of pump.

3, the head unit system is another important performance data of pump, general with 5% - Head to selection after 10% allowance.

4, device and system piping layout condition refers to send liquid height conveying liquid from liquid to, such as absorption side the lowest level, such as the highest level of discharge side length, some data and piping specifications and materials, pipe specification, quantity, etc. , comb for department head and NPSH checking calculation.

5, fluid properties, including the name of the liquid medium, physical properties, chemical properties and other properties, physical properties with temperature density d, c u viscosity, solid particle diameter and gas content in the medium and so on, this is related to the system of the head, effective computing cavitation allowance and appropriate pump type: chemical properties, mainly refers to the chemical corrosion resistance and toxicity of liquid medium, is to choose what kind of shaft seal material selection and heat conduction oil pump type of important basis.

6 a lot of content, operating conditions, such as the operation of the liquid saturated steam force T p, suction side pressure PS ( Absolute) , discharge side pressure container PZ, altitude, the environment temperature is clearance or continuous operation, the position of the oil pump is fixed or movable.

3, heat pump maintenance:

1, because of the high temperature oil pump pump body functioning at high temperature, so the cold installation and piping should be set on the hinge support, in case of heating pipe after displacement. 2, high temperature pump discharge at the back of the melt filter to change regularly, don't run in high pressure and maximum pressure for a long time. 3, coupling must be found are in pump body temperature after heat, in order to avoid causing additional moment during operation. 4, heat pump outlet pressure measuring point to interlock stop alarm, otherwise, once the discharge pipe is blocked, easy to cause damage of the pump body. 5, speed up slowly, not to make the pressure before and after rising sharply, so as not to damage the bearing lubrication channels or melt jams. 6, when the pump starts, in the export pressure formed, not blindly speed, in order to prevent the shaft or premature failure of the bearing. 7, regular replacement bearings can save maintenance cost. When found the shaft and bearing inner surface wear is close to the thickness of hardening layer, the shaft can be used again after polishing, and just replace the bearing, it can extend the service life of pump shaft 8 ~ 10 years. 8, cleaning fluid, do not use pump cleaning fluid, should remove the internal parts, liquid move again after installation, so as to avoid mixed with foreign body inside the pump. 9, in case of power failure or interruption of HTM circulation of more than 3 omin, disintegration of the pump should be reassembled after cleaning, in order to avoid caused by melt solidification, cracking and other poor bearing lubrication and make the damage of heat pump.

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