Heat pump 'of workblanks' secrets -

by:J&T     2020-05-14

if the high quality of the oil pump maintenance is undeserved, often fails even damage, which affects the work efficiency, waste of cost. Therefore, the daily maintenance of hot oil pump is an important part of the daily production. First of all, starting from the design of heat pumps, high temperature when the pump in the design, attention should be paid to the following problems:

1. Heat pump seal design should pay attention to the problem of high temperature liquid volatile, easy to make the machine produce dry friction of the seals.

2。 Due to the high temperature of pump intensity and temperature related, therefore should stop strength again, and check the related data of temperature and pressure gauge. Including flange, wall thickness, bolt, etc.

3。 Intermediate support types of applications.

4。 Related cooling line design, instrument and meter layout is reasonable, beautiful appearance.

5。 The temperature of the heat pump is high, the design of the impeller should pay attention to the cavitation resistance.

6。 Special design of insulation board or cold water chamber, because the seal at the beginning of the temperature will come down from the beginning of the seal, should be reduced to the temperature of the coupling.

7。 Heat pump using the oil level of smoothness, its level should match the temperature of the bearing housing.

the next step is for each component development maintenance methods:

1. Due to the high temperature oil pump pump body running under high temperature, so the cold should provide the hinge support on the pipe during installation, in order to prevent the shift after heating pipes.

2。 Should be set high temperature oil pump outlet pressure measurement point to stop the alarm. Otherwise, once the discharge pipe blockage, pump body is easy to damage.

3。 After preheating, heat pump coupling must be very hot, in order to avoid additional torque during operation.

4。 Heat pump export at the back of the melt filter should be replaced periodically. Please do not run in high pressure or even under high pressure for a long time.

5。 Slow speed, don't let the pressure before and after rising sharply, in order to avoid damage to the bearings and blocking the passage.

6。 Start the hot oil pump, when export pressure, do not blindly to accelerate, in order to prevent the shaft or premature failure of the bearing.

7。 Regularly changing bearing can save maintenance cost. When found the shaft or wear of the bearing inner surface close to the thickness of hardening layer, can be carried out on the shaft grinding and used again, just replace the bearing can prolong service life. The service life of pump shaft temperature for 10 years.

8。 Cleaning liquid move, do not clean using hot oil pump to pump fluid. Pipetting, after the completion of internal parts shall be removed and installed, in order to prevent foreign body in high temperature oil pump.

9。 During power failure or heat medium under the condition of circulation for more than 30 minutes, should be apart and reassemble the heat pump, in order to avoid high temperature and poor lubrication bearing damage due to ruptured oil water pump.

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