Heat pump manufacturers to share: the cause of the high temperature heat pump leakage fault -

by:J&T     2020-05-14

during the use of high temperature heat pump, water leakage is a common failure forms. In order to effectively avoid leaking, preventive measures should be paid attention to in the operation of the high temperature heat pump, if fail, solving measures should be taken. Small make up down to you briefly.

the cause of the high temperature heat pump leakage failure:

1, when installing a heat pump, water seal seat components are not installed, resulting in continuous leakage of pump. Because the inspection hole corresponding to the pump shaft with a manger ( Shaking) Water ring, so when the water seal leakage in the cooling water pump in water retaining ring was thrown and observation hole dripping from the pump. Axis. To prevent the cooling water flow into the bearing, and make it smooth. In addition, the replacement of water ring, please take care not to eliminate between pump body and pump cover sealing, the sealing not well sealed, and can also lead to pump leaking.

2, engineering machinery, poor working conditions, easy on bakelite seals and bushing end face form uneven wear; Spring in water for a long time, easy to rust, elastic, will cause leakage.

3, the machine is very old, and the water seal of the internal parts wear and tear, rust and aging is the leading cause of pump leaking in the factors. Park construction machinery for a long time, because of no cooling water, the engine will therefore bakelite seal for drying and shrinkage deformation. Although bakelite seal swells when adding water, but was unable to fully recover, this leads to a small amount of leakage. In addition, the pump for new equipment, bakelite seals and cast iron liner has not been fully wear and tear, this will also bring a small amount of water leakage in the pump.

4, in the winter, if you don't forget to water or water clean, and the temperature is too high, after the condensation water vapour in the cooling system will freeze, which may lead to the pump body freeze and burst, and lead to leakage.

when high temperature heat water pump leakage, we can take the emergency measures include:

1, if it's just cracks will leak in the high temperature heat pump shell, you can clean the cracks, and then use glue to repair. For an emergency, can add the egg white cement mixing to form clumps, condensation can be used after fracture.

2. If found the starter of high temperature heat pump leak, do not immediately to stop it. You should maintain the stability of low speed, and to the internal water cooling system ( Note: open the cover when the water injection, should put a cap on its top, in order to prevent the flow of water out of it was burns. Steam) To cool the initiator, slowly moving in a short time, and drive to hidden in the nearby places before cleaning. If the pump shell burst and leakage, or the internal parts of the pump damage and loss of pumping function, can replace the relevant appropriate parts to eliminate the fault.

3, if the high temperature heat pump damage and no maintenance conditions on the way, you can connect directly to the pump inlet pipe and outlet pipe, in order to make full use of the natural circulation of hot and cold water, temporarily hold the initiator at room temperature will tube used as a container or bucket, it firmly, and then from the container two rubber hose, a connection to the engine inlet, another root connected to the outlet of the engine. Starter. Insert two tube at the other end of the container, and the hose should be firmly fixed. About the high temperature heat water pump for more information, please continue to pay attention to us for more information!

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