Heat pump/magnetic pump repair technique can greatly reduce the cost

by:J&T     2020-05-25

/ heat pump, magnetic pump due to the pump body, pump shaft, the magnetic rotor of sleeve completely closed, so as to thoroughly solve the problem of 'run, run, drip, leak', eliminates the oil refining chemical industry flammable, explosive, toxic and harmful medium by pump seal leakage of safe hidden trouble, beneficial to ensure the staff's physical and mental health and safety in production.

as a heat pump/magnetic pump users, in addition to learn the correct use of magnetic pump, but should also master the necessary magnetic pump maintenance skills, the next small make up to enumerate a few heat pump/magnetic pump common fault.

1, the head is insufficient, caused the main reasons of the lack of magnetic force pump transmission medium is air, the impeller is damaged, speed is not enough, the proportion of conveying liquid is too big, too much traffic and so on.

2, flow is insufficient, the main reasons of the lack of magnetic pump flow impeller damage, speed is not enough, high head, tube have sundry jam and so on.

3, bearing damage: magnetic pump bearing materials with high density of carbon, in case of no water pump or pump contains impurities, will lead to bearing damage, in addition, cylindrical magnetic pump coupling between inside and outside magnetic rotor coaxial degree requirements if not guaranteed, will directly affect the service life of the magnetic pump bearing.

4: broken, shaft magnetic water pump pump shaft adopts the material is 99% alumina ceramics, the cause of broken magnetic pump shaft are: empty pump running, bearing dry grinding and twist off the shaft. Can see bearing has been badly worn when disassemble pump inspection to prevent pump broken is the main way to avoid the idle running of the water pump.

5, playing out liquid: when subjected to a magnetic pump within liquid condition, first of all, should check the pump inlet line whether there is leakage, check whether the air suction tube eduction, perfusion liquid volume, enough magnetic pump inhalation tube whether there is sundry jam, whether should also check the pump inversion ( Especially after the changed motor or power lines after the repair) On, but also should pay attention to pump suction height is too high.

through the above check if still cannot solve, can disassemble the pump, the pump shaft is broken, you should also check the pump ring and static ring are in good condition, the rotor can a small amount of axial movement, heat pump/magnetic water pump axial movement is difficult, if can check whether the coal bearing and pump shaft is too tight.

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