Heat pump is better than ordinary water pump exactly where -

by:J&T     2020-06-29

heat pump and ordinary water pump in the product structure and performance of products are quite different. Key points include the following three points:

1. Motor: high temperature water pump motor copper is high temperature resistant, can withstand the temperature as high as 100, but different copper can only carry water temperature of 45. Therefore, this engine is not company commander continues to work, not to mention in the high temperature place.

2。 High-temperature mechanical seal is mainly composed of silicon carbide metal, can withstand the water temperature as high as 120. Ordinary mechanical seal, however, can only carry water temperature below 50, so pumped at high temperatures is unacceptable. How many people say that water boils at 100, 120. Therefore, because of this, you don't have to worry about product not pump to the hot water.

3。 NSK bearings are imported from Japan, they can work under the temperature of up to 120, but the domestic bearing can only work under the temperature of the below 50, so this is also the advantages of high temperature resistant pump.

these are small make up the difference between the heat water pump and ordinary water pump. German company times g company produces the heat pump is a kind of eccentric axial suction outlet of high temperature medium centrifugal pump delivery cycle. Transmission cycle medium is liquid, Water and heat conduction oil) Without particles and fibers. It has simple installation, high temperature resistance, large volume flow and the characteristics of wide application. It is mainly used for high power die temperature machine, booster pipeline pumps, boiler water recovery system auxiliary heating equipment, woodworking machinery, wind energy technology, etc.

in addition, the German company times the production of heat pump has the following advantages:

1. Running smoothly, coaxial degree is high, the pump impeller of dynamic and static balance, guarantee the smooth operation, little vibration;

2。 Save a space. The motor and pump are coaxial. Minimize the pump area and space, save the construction investment.

3。 Reliable mechanical seal structure, to ensure that the medium in the process of transportation less leakage;

4。 In addition to the mechanical seal friction pair, there is no metal friction in the pump, performance is stable for a long time.

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