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Water ring vacuum pump classification

according to the structure, divided into single stage was a water ring pump, single stage double role water ring pump, double suction water pump and atmospheric water ring pump.

single stage was a water ring pump: single-stage means that there is only one impeller. Single action refers to the impeller rotates at a time, a suction and exhaust. The limit of the pump vacuum degree is higher, but the pumping speed and higher efficiency. Low.

single stage double role water ring pump, single stage means that only one impeller, double-acting means that every time the impeller rotates, suction and exhaust all twice. Under the condition of the same speed, the size and weight of the double function of water ring pump is much smaller than the single-acting pumps. Due to the studio symmetrically distributed on both sides of the pump shell, so improving the effect of load on the rotor. This kind of pump has higher pumping speed and higher efficiency, lower but ultimate vacuum.

ring double suction pump: most is single-acting pumps in series connection. In essence, two single stage was a water ring pump impeller Shared a spindle. Its main characteristic is that it has high vacuum. , pumping speed is still large, stable working state.

atmospheric water ring pump: it is, in fact, air jet series water ring pump unit. Water ring pump in front of the air pump is used to increase the limit of vacuum and enlarge the scope of the pump.

according to the method of suction and discharge, it can be divided into axial inhalation and radial suction and discharge.

axial suction and discharge, the suction and discharge through the shell of the gas inlet and outlet on the side cover, simple structure, easy maintenance, the disadvantage is that the gas into the gas into the discharge and the direction of the impeller. Impeller blades in perpendicular to each other on the direction of movement of the gas can't on the entire width of blade evenly in and out of the impeller, this increases the gas in the impeller hydraulic loss, reduce the efficiency of the pump. 。

radial suction and discharge: gas through the circumference of a circle within the impeller ( Corresponding to the rim) The gas distributor on the inlet and outlet to enter and leave the impeller. Advantage is that gas can be in the blade. In and out of the full width of impeller, the shape of the intake and exhaust gas can be used to make the direction of the same direction with the impeller in and out of the impeller, thus reducing the hydraulic loss and improve the efficiency of the pump. The disadvantage is that gas distributor structure is complex, high precision machining and installation.

water ring vacuum pump working principle of

the working principle of water ring vacuum water pump is shown in figure 2. With the right amount of water as working fluid in the pump body. When the impeller rotates clockwise, water thrown by impeller. Due to the centrifugal force, water according to the shape of the pump chamber is roughly equal to the thickness of the closed ring. The inner surface of the upper water ring coincided with the impeller wheel tangent, water ring in the lower part of the surface has just come into contact with the tip of the blade ( Leaf blade actually internal insertion depth. Water ring) 。 At this point, the impeller wheel and crescent space formed between water ring, and the space be impeller is divided into multiple small cavity have the same number of leaf. If the upper part of the impeller of 0 °, turn in front of the small cavity volume from 180 ° decrescent, and with the suction connected on the face. At this point, the suction gas, at the end of the suction, cavity is smaller. Then from the suction; When the impeller to rotate, small cavity are getting smaller and smaller, and compressed gas; When small cavity connected with the vent gas locked out of the pump. When the impeller rotating once a week, the space between the blades are sucked up time, space and many continuous operation, and continuously inhaled or squeeze the gas pump.

when used as a compressor, pump outlet is connected to the gas water separator. After entering gas water separator, steam Automatic water mixture separation. Gas through the exhaust pipe to the required system, water through the overflow discharge switch automatically. When the gas is compressed, the work is easy to heat water, the water from the pump outlet, the high temperature. Therefore, in the bottom of the gas water separator, continuous supply of cold water to supplement has discharge hot water, cooling at the same time. Its function is to make the work water temperature is too high, so as to ensure the performance of compressor, satisfy the technical specifications, meet the technological requirements.

to sum up, the change of water ring vacuum pump on pump cavity volume to achieve suction, compression and exhaust, belongs to the variable displacement pump. Gas suction and pressure conveying system is the only of the difference between the internal structure of gas water separator is different. When inhaled gas suction pressure is lower than the atmospheric pressure, outlet pressure is equal to atmospheric pressure, and gas water separator with overflow pipe only. When supply gas suction in the atmospheric pressure, Also in the vacuum state) And that pressure is higher than a atmospheric pressure at the exit. In order to ensure the conveying gas pressure, gas water separator water level controlled by the overflow switch.

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