Granulation and extrusion industry water ring vacuum pump tank foam reason -

by:J&T     2020-05-16

water ring vacuum pump is a vacuum pump in granulation and extrusion industry. When using the equipment, the water tank is always like a bubble. Some of the reasons for this phenomenon. The following will specifically analyze the cause of you.

1, the impeller, the clearance between the pump body and pump cover increases. Sorting method is to adjust the clearance or replaced with a new impeller.

2, packing or mechanical seal leakage, excluding method is compression or change filler and mechanical seals, increase the number of water seal to adjust the clearance.

3, the suction pipe is not sealed. Water ring vacuum pump is always in a state of extraction. Simple repair method is to repair the pipe.

4, water supply is too small. Elimination method is to open the water valve to increase the water supply in vacuum pump. If the water supply pipe plug should be kept smooth.

5, circulating water tank is too small, in the water tank water temperature too high or pumping container temperature is too high, the high temperature of pump body of the vacuum degree is insufficient. Increase the volume of the tank to reduce water temperature.

water ring vacuum pump is a kind of vacuum pump is widely used for granulation and extrusion industry. In the face of water droplets in the equipment, should be in time to stop machine, find out the reason, take corrective measures, and maintenance of equipment.

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