G type of single screw pump performance, characteristics, applicable knowledge is introduced in detail

by:J&T     2020-06-20
A single screw pump, screw pump commonly used double screw pump and the three screw pump. G type screw pump belongs to a single screw pump, single screw pump is a new kind of method of rotary displacement pump. The main working parts are eccentric screw ( Rotor) And fixed bushings ( The stator) 。 G type screw pump widely used, & other; Screw pump can transport any medium & throughout; The claim. But this is not to say that a certain kind of screw pump can deliver all medium, but according to the requirements of the medium characteristic and the performance parameters of several different types of screw pump can be selected. 1 G type of single screw pump selection points, selection of single screw pump bushing rubber materials: single screw pump bushing for rubber products, is also one of the single screw pump parts, it is the choice of good or bad, directly affect the service life of bushing and normal life of the lining sleeve for the cases for 3 - 6 months, if choose undeserved, bushings may be falling off or rubber from the steel pipe. Table 2. Performance: the general performance of the single screw pump or characteristic curve are in 20 ℃ water as medium, Viscosity is 1 CST) When data for conveying flow under different viscosity and shaft power is different. 3, material selection, different medium, different material combinations. 4, single screw pump pressure to determine: single screw pump output pressure is based on liner series bushing ( The stator) The number of lead to determine: 1 level: the working pressure of 0. 6 MPa; Level 2: work pressure of 1. 2 MPa; Level 4: working pressure of 2. 4 MPa; Due to the transmission medium is different, for medium containing serious wear and tear ', according to the requirements of delivery pressure to select suitable stator series. 5, shaft seal: according to the need and transmission medium, can adopt mechanical seals and packing seal, and these two kinds of structure are interchangeable. 6, pump drive mode: because of the single screw pump for low speed pumps, pump drive mode is more, generally have low speed motor straight league ( 6, 8) , driven gear reduction motor, stepless variable speed motor drive, compared with other pumps, single screw pump has its own unique advantages: a. Compared to the single screw pump and centrifugal pump the need to install the valve, the flow is stable linear flow. b。 Compared with the gear pump, single screw water pump can transport high viscosity material. c。 Compared with plunger pump, single screw pump has better self-priming capacity. d。 Compared with diaphragm pump, single screw pump can transport all kinds of mixing impurities, medium containing gas and solid particles or fiber, also can transport all kinds of corrosive substances. e. And plunger pump, diaphragm pump and the gear pump, single screw pump can be used in the pharmaceutical filling and metering. 7, the choice of single screw pump speed: single screw pump because of its structure characteristics, most used in the transmission of high viscosity liquid and liquid containing particles, so the choice of the revolution is critical. The main basis for the selection of single screw pump speed medium wear and the medium viscosity.
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