FZB self-priming pump and liquid pump performance characteristics of the medium

by:J&T     2020-06-19

FZB self-priming pump and liquid pump are installed without priming device and computer need to flow backward? Chemical pump, liquid and the pump cavity FZB self-priming pump is a function of self-priming pump, fluorine plastic alloy material made of corrosion resistant self-priming pump, self-priming pump is divided into: self-priming pump, stainless steel iron self-priming pump and fluorine plastic self-priming pump. Submerged pump is a pump devices for end position directly in liquid, cancelled the irrigation fluid diversion, anti-corrosive fluorine plastic, engineering plastics, the material such as stainless steel manufacture, has the corrosion resistant performance, the following self-priming pump and liquid pump performance characteristics: a, self-priming pump has simple structure, strong, good self-priming performance, high sewage capability, high efficiency and energy saving, convenient to use and repair etc

self-priming pump product features:

high efficiency and energy saving: with excellent hydraulic model, the efficiency is higher than general self-priming pump 3 ~ 5%;

good self-priming performance: self-priming height can reach 3 - 6 meters, and the self-priming time shorter than ordinary self-priming pump.

flow components: FZB self-priming pump using fluorine plastic material, other self-priming pump adopts cast iron material and stainless steel materials.

the pump cavity structure: special impeller block design, ensure the water pump efficiency and no blockage;

corrosion resistance: FZB self-priming pump is suitable for conveying any concentration of acid, alkali, salt and other corrosive liquids.

use temperature: can deliver - 20 - - - - - - - The high temperature of 150 degrees liquid.

2, submerged pump for vertical submerged type structure, the pump body is immersed in water at work, submerged depth of 0. 5 ~ 5 m, and USES the unique single vane or double vane impeller structure, can effectively by 5 times of pump diameter of the fiber material and diameter of caliber 50% solids. Material can be divided into the pump body metal and plastic pump body.

product features:

variable liquid level depth: installation unit is under the vertical liquid type structure, can be adopted according to the requirements of the user installation depth under different liquid, use very convenient.

single tube or pipe installation: this type of pump according to user requirements to select different installation way; Can choose single or double pipe pipe installation.

lower maintenance cost: USES the mechanical seal, and high quality bearings, greatly improving the sealing of the safety and reliability of the unit.

over-current capability: special impeller block design, ensure the run efficiently and without blocking.

corrosion resistance: fluorine plastic submerged pump is suitable for conveying any concentration of acid, alkali, salt and other corrosive liquids. Stainless steel submerged pump is suitable for conveying liquid corrosion.

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