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by:J&T     2020-04-30
A, FYX high purity aluminum FYX nitric acid submerged pump, submerged pump characteristic production is divided into three types, one is made from high purity aluminum, applicable to the concentration of more than 65 ℃ and temperature is not more than 60 degrees of nitric acid. The other is a special high silicon by C4 nitrate submerged water pump made of stainless steel, applicable Yu Quannong nitric acid, temperature from room temperature to the boiling point. Another type made of 304 l, 304 l for nitric acid of concentration is lower than 68 ℃ and temperature from room temperature to the boiling point. Nitrate anti-corrosion pump has the following materials: 1. High purity aluminum 2. High silicon 3, PTFE, C4 special high silicon, stainless steel 5304 L. Under different concentrations, the boiling point of nitric acid is not the same, so the user must provide when choosing type of nitric acid concentration and temperature. Second, the choice water pump material under the concentrated nitric acid of high purity aluminum in these materials, high purity aluminum excellent nitric acid corrosion resistance at room temperature. The disadvantage is that nitric acid concentrations over 60 ℃. High purity aluminum is apparently not nitric acid corrosion resistance, so the pump can only under the high purity aluminum liquid transportation. Nitric acid, the working temperature is lower than 60 degrees. 2. High silicon ferrosilicon under various temperature environment with good resistance to nitric acid corrosion resistance. However, because of the fragility of high silicon itself, its mechanical performance is very poor, which limits the use of concentrated nitric acid. 3. PTFE tetrafluoride under the temperature below 120 ° and nitric acid corrosion resistance, and also because of its own features, such as soft mechanical properties and aging. These also limits the PTFE pump used in nitric acid plant. Currently, it is mainly used in mechanical seal and gasket. Using other materials pump. 4. Special comprehensive resistance of high silicon stainless steel is the material the best choice for nitric acid. Its high corrosion resistance is better than that of high purity aluminum and silicon, the mechanical strength and workability of high purity aluminum. High silicon is unparalleled. This material is more expensive, the investment is higher, but has good corrosion resistance and long service life. It has a good mechanical performance, the use of safe coefficient is high, easy maintenance, it can reduce the parking or production, improve the production efficiency of the whole production line. 5. 304 l, the in the mind of the most users 316 always more resistant to corrosion than in 304. This is not an objective statement. In nitric acid, the corrosion resistance more than 316 l, 304 l because it contains Mo, this reduces stainless steel corrosion resistance in nitric acid. In boiling 65 ℃ of propionic acid, the corrosion rate of 304 l to 0. The corrosion rate of 15 mm/year, 316 l is greater than zero. 3 mm/year. Is below 68 ℃ of 304 l for concentration and temperature to room temperature to the boiling point of nitric acid. The previous: plastic submerged water pump overview: next article pit pump overview
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