Four fluorine chemical pump for small flow solutions

by:J&T     2020-06-27
Four fluorine chemical water pump forhandling corrosive liquid is mainly a kind of strong corrosion performance of pump, four fluorine chemical water pump has a variety of models, basic is to flow the size of the head selection model, each model has a corresponding model parameters, the demands of small flow, can not reach the standard parameters how to adjust and solve? In the process of industrial production process, often will meet the media in the pipeline flow is small, but you need to precise adjustment of working conditions, four fluorine chemical water pump control valve selection difficult. Four fluorine chemical pump control valve flow is simple and direct, choose regular control valve, optional flow capacity is too large, the valve in the small open operation for a long time, will be shaking, and the status of the control is not accurate, use for a long time, will cause the valve core and valve seat is damaged, it is necessary to replace the whole control valve or select special tiny flow control valves, expensive, increase the user's money. Slide valve throttle part is composed of two pieces of board, board design of multiple throttling groove, by controlling the throttle slot position changes to precisely adjust the medium flow. By changing the shape and the size of the throttle slot can change its flow capacity and traffic characteristics, small flow capacity. And slide type control valve for small flow control problem, in DN15 - DN25 caliber design under multiple small traffic flow capacity, suitable for small flow rate under the condition of stable and accurate adjustment.
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