Four fluorine alloy centrifugal pump to damage analysis of the mechanical seal is introduced

by:J&T     2020-06-23
Four fluorine alloy centrifugal pump is in the chemical production of strong acid, strong alkali, strong corrosion liquid conveyer common centrifugal pump, four fluorine alloy centrifugal pump adopts four fluorine material manufacture, not only has corrosion resistance and wear resistance, four fluorine alloy centrifugal pump adopts mechanical seal form sealing, prohibit idle running, when the pump running time, the pump and the sealing what damage? One of the main parts of the mechanical seal is the centrifugal pump, and pump failure are mostly caused by seal failure. According to statistics, resulting in failure of pump mechanical seal failure accounted for more than 50% of the equipment failure rate, so it is necessary to analyze the centrifugal pump mechanical seal leakage improvement, in order to reduce the failure rate of the pump. One, the principle of mechanical seal mechanical seal is a kind of relying on the elastic element of dynamic and static ring end face seal preloaded and medium pressure and the elastic element of pressure and seal axial end face sealing device. Mechanical seals are usually made of static ring, ring, compaction of components and packing element. Ring and static ring end face of a pair of friction pair, ring by liquid pressure in the sealed chamber to make the end face pressure on the static ring end face, and on the two ring end face produced a suitable pressure and keep a very thin layer of liquid membrane and reach the purpose of sealing. Compression components create pressure, can make the pump in not running condition, also keep the transverse joint, nothing more than to ensure sealing medium leakage, and to prevent debris from getting into the seals. Seal up the clearance between the axis and seal ring and static ring and the clearance between the gland function, at the same time, the pump vibration and impact buffer role. Mechanical seal in the actual operation is not an isolated parts, it is combined with other parts of the pump running. Second, after the pump to, or in time in the process of the damage of mechanical seal: 1, pump body, vibration, mechanical seal dynamic and static ring will continue to occur intermittent collision, lead to leakage, serious when mechanical seal failure; 2, mechanical seal of ring clamp is medium pressure and spring pre-tightening force (the sum of The beginning has been mentioned) , after the time, will be no media pressure, dynamic and static ring of the contact pressure will be smaller, seal failure. 3, after water pump fit, using the rinse solution ( It is using pumping medium flushing) Mechanical seal of dynamic and static ring face lost its cooling and lubrication, dry friction, mechanical seal failure, see the seal ring hot crack section. Three, time phenomenon causes and corresponding measures: 1, the centrifugal pump at the entrance to the clogging measures: should stop check the centrifugal pump inlet pipeline leakage, filter and impeller, after scavenging for maintenance; 2, centrifugal pump seal oil with water measures: to seal tank within three, centrifugal pump impeller or dehydration processing of ring wear. Measures should be timely replacement of 4, at the entrance of a centrifugal pump pressure is not enough measures: entry level should improve back pressure; 5, centrifugal pump outlet opening is too big ( Small) Measures: should be appropriately adjust the valve opening; 6, at the entrance of a centrifugal pump leakage measures: should stop the pump to check leakage of centrifugal pump inlet pipe and the flange; 7, centrifugal pump motor reversal measures: should timely adjust the steering. 8, at the entrance of a centrifugal pump medium temperature too high too much saturated steam measures: should lower the temperature in the medium, the centrifugal pump in steam vent line net; 9, centrifugal pump tower or container liquid level level low or no liquid level; Measures: should be temporarily closed small centrifugal pump outlet valve or pump stop processing, liquid level rise after the recovery; 10, centrifugal pump suction valve or valve core off measures: should make maintenance after open the valve or pump change;
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