Fluorine plastic pump with valve, globe valve and gate valve difference?

by:J&T     2020-06-25
Fluorine plastic water pump USES the anti-corrosive fluorine plastic, fluorine plastic alloy steel lining fluorine plastic material such as manufacturing, users in the use of the installation process, due to the different needs, the need to install valve or gate valve, what's the difference between these two kinds of valve performance, cut-off valve, gate valve, butterfly valve, check valve and ball valve, etc. These valves are indispensable to various kinds of piping system control unit now. Each valve both in appearance, structure, and even have difference function USES. But the globe valve and gate valve in shape have some similarities, at the same time has in the pipeline for truncation function, so there will be a lot of contact with the valve of the few friends will confuse the two. Actually if you look carefully, the difference between globe valve and gate valve is very big. This article introduce the globe valve and gate valve for you what is the difference. A valve, globe valve and gate valve working principle of doing open closed, is the rising stem type, that is to say, turn the handwheel, the handwheel will make rotation and lifting movement along with the valve stem. And gate is turning the handwheel, make stem make lifting movement, the handwheel position itself remains the same. Flow of each are not identical, fully open or close the valve requirement, and cut-off valve is not required. Globe valve has a regulation import and export of direction; Gate valves no direction of import and export requirements. In addition, only fully open or close the valve two states, gate opening and closing of the trip is very big, opening and closing time is long. Cut-off valve of the valve plate moving distance is much smaller, and the movement of the valve disc can stop at a certain place, used for flow rate adjustment. And gate valve is made truncation use only, no other functions. Second, the performance difference between cut-off valve can be done using the truncated, can be done using the flow control. Cut-off valve of the fluid resistance is bigger, when opening and closing more arduous, but because the valve plate distance sealing surface distance is short, so the opening and closing short trip. Gate valves can only be fully open and close, it in the fully open, the body channel within the medium flow resistance is almost zero, so the valve opening and closing will be very effort, but the sealing face distance gate distance, opening and closing time is long. Three, the structure of gate valve structure is more complicated than the cut-off valve, from the point of appearance, with diameter, gate valve is higher than the cut-off valve, cut-off valve than gate valves. In addition, as rising stem and the non-rising stem gate valves. Shutoff valve no. Four, seal globe valve sealing surface on the valve core is a small trapezoidal profile ( Specific look at the shape of the valve core) , fall off once the valve core, valve closed ( If the pressure difference is big, closed lax, of course, but check inverse effect is good) Gate is to rely on the side of the heart gate to seal, the sealing effect is better than cut-off valve, valve core loss also won't like cut-off valve, valve closed. Five, the installation and flow under the condition of limited installation space selection should pay attention to. Gate valves can rely on medium pressure and sealing surface tightly closed, thus to achieve the effect of not leak. When opening and closing the valve core and valve seat sealing surface contact and friction each other all the time, so the sealing surface is easy to wear and tear, gate near closing, pipeline pressure difference is very big, before and after sealing surface wear is more serious. Gate valve flow to the two direction effect is the same, the installation without the direction of the import and export requirements, medium can be two-way flow. Globe valves may need to be done in strict accordance with the valve body in the direction of the arrow installation, import and export direction and a clear stipulation about the cut-off valve, China valve & other Order to & throughout; The flow of globe valves shall be applied. Globe valve is higher than that of low into, there are obvious when viewed from the outside of the pipeline is not a level. Gate valve flow in a horizontal line. Travel is bigger than the cut-off valve gate valve. From the perspective of flow resistance in the wide open gate valve flow resistance is small, the check valve flow resistance is big. Ordinary gate valves of the flow resistance coefficient is about 0. 08 ~ 0. 12, open the closing force is small, medium to two direction. Normal stop valve flow resistance is 3 - gate valves 5 times. Forced to close to achieve sealing during opening and closing, the cut-off valve sealing contact surface of valve core is in the fully closed, thus sealing surface wear is small, need because of the large main flow plus cut-off valve actuator adjustment should pay attention to the torque control institutions. Globe valve installation, there are two ways is a kind of medium can enter, from the bottom of the valve core advantage is when the valve is closed when packing, no pressure can prolong the service life of the packing, and can be in front of the valve under the condition of pipeline pressure, to replace the packing work; Larger faults is the driving torque of the valve, the flow into the above 1 times or so, the valve stem by the axial force is big, the valve stem is easy to bend. So this way generally applies only to small diameter globe valve ( (the following) , choose medium DN200 above the cut-off valve way in from the top. ( Electric valve is generally adopts medium access from above. ) Medium entering way from above shortcomings just as opposed to enter below.
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