Fluorine plastic pipeline pump pipe expansion pipe selection is introduced

by:J&T     2020-06-26
Fluorine plastic pipeline water pump is a vertical structure, the use of cast steel lining fluorine plastic manufacturing, has the very good corrosion resistance, because the vertical structure, import and export the same and at the same level, also called pipeline booster pump, when using fluorine plastic pipeline water pump, such as pipe connected to the pump inlet distance apart, this is where the pipe expansion pipe to connect, should fluorine plastic pipeline pump flow of corrosive medium, then when choosing expansion also want to have a corrosion resistance, telescopic device can also be called pipe slip joint, expansion joint, compensator, the expansion pipe. Expansion joints is pumps, valves, pipes and other devices connected to the pipeline of new products, connected by the bolt, making it a whole, and has certain displacement, convenient installation. Can withstand axial stress of pipeline. So you can at the time of installation and maintenance, according to the on-site installation size adjustment, at work, not only improve the work efficiency, but also for water pump, valve, pipeline equipment play a protective role. Expansion joints are divided into: bellows expansion joints, dresser, square natural compensation slip joint type, etc. And among them with bellows expansion is relatively common, mainly in order to ensure the security of pipeline operation. Pipe expansion pipe in the pipe connection is caused by heat bilges cold shrink compensation by changes in the fittings. Pipe expansion commonly used two kinds, one kind is rubber pipe expansion pipe, the other is a metal pipe expansion. A, rubber pipe expansion characteristics 1, small volume, light weight, good elasticity, easy installation and maintenance; When installation can produce axial, lateral, warp, angular displacement, not restricted by user pipe different heart, flange unparallel. 2, vibration noise, when work with special synthetic rubber can be high temperature resistant, acid and alkali resistant, oil resistant, chemical corrosion resistance pipe is the ideal product. The main characteristics of metal pipe expansion: expansion of large amount of compensation, under high temperature and under high pressure. Second, the expansion effect of 1, compensation absorption pipeline axial, lateral and angular heat expansion caused deformation. 2, absorption of vibration equipment, reduce the influence of equipment vibration of pipeline, and absorb the earthquake, subsidence deformation of pipeline. Because of the pipe heat bilges cold shrink, so for pipeline, will produce the wall stress and tension; Wall stress, which affect the strength of the pipeline, push pull, will do a lot of pipe fixed bracket, telescopic pipe produced by push pull; So using the slip joint compensation amount of variable drive way, in order to reduce the wall stress and thrust. Section three, the classification of the expansion pipe scale ( Expansion joint) Is mainly used to compensate expansion deformation of pipeline caused by temperature change, also used in a pipeline etc need to install the length of the compensation, mainly divided into bending type expansion joint and bellows expansion joint and casing slip joint three kinds of structure forms. 1, non-metallic expansion joint: duct rubber compensator is a fabric by rubber and rubber compound material, steel flange, socket, thermal insulation materials, mainly used for a variety of flexible connection between fan, air duct, its function is to shock absorption, noise reduction, displacement and sealing, medium resistance, easy installation, is a kind of very ideal environmental protection field shock absorption, noise reduction, smoke prevention and dust control fittings. 2, bend type expansion joint: a u-shaped bend pipe or other shape ( The following figure [ Bend type expansion joint] ) And use the form of compensation for the elastic deformation of the expansion joint. It has the advantage of good intensity, long service life, can be made at the scene, the disadvantage is that take up the space is big, the consumption of steel and frictional resistance to this expansion joint is widely used in all kinds of steam pipe and long pipe. 3, bellows expansion joint with a kind of metal corrugated tube expansion joint. It can slip along axis direction, and allow a small amount of bending. In order to prevent more than allow the amount of compensation, on both ends of corrugated pipe has protective bars or protection ring, in connection with it at both ends of the pipeline set on the guide bracket. Another corner type and the horizontal type expansion joint, can be used to compensate Angle deformation and lateral deformation of the pipeline. The advantage of this kind of expansion joint is save space, save material, easy standardization and mass production, the disadvantage is that life is short. Bellows expansion joint are used for temperature and pressure is not high, shorter length of the line. With the improvement of corrugated pipe production technology level, this kind of expansion joint application scope is expanding. By work constitute the main body of corrugated pipe ( A kind of elastic element) Tubes, stents, and end of flange, pipe and other accessories. Mainly USES in all kinds of pipe, it can compensate the pipe thermal displacement, mechanical deformation and absorb all kinds of mechanical vibration, it could reduce the pipeline deformation stress and enhance the role of the service life of the pipeline. Corrugated compensator connection mode can be divided into flange connections and welding two kinds. 4 directly buried pipeline compensator using general welding, casing expansion joints by the axial relative motion can be inside and outside the casing. USES the stuffing box seal between inner and outer casing. Keep on both ends of the pipe when used in a moving axis. On both ends of the slip joint installed guide bracket. It has the advantage of small friction resistance to the flow of fluid, the structure is compact; Defect is poor sealing, thrust to the fixed support is bigger. Casing expansion joints and low pressure steam pipeline is mainly used for water pipes.
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