Fluorine plastic non-metallic pump pump body, impeller, shaft, shaft seal structure characteristics is introduced

by:J&T     2020-06-21
Non-metallic pump has a whole fluorine plastic pump, lining fluoride plastic pump, polymer plastic pp plastic pumps and water pump, etc. , pump body, impeller main basic parts adopt corresponding plastic manufacture of pump body, the following parts structure characteristics make introduced; Shaft seal: non-metallic water pump shaft seal type mechanical seal, dynamic seal and shaft seal structure. 1, mechanical seal, the domestic many non-metallic pump usually use the type 152 ( Or SB2) F how spring mounted bellows mechanical seal. The seal is used pressure range of 0 ~ 0. 5 mpa, trunnion 25 to 55 mm, temperature & lt; 120 ℃, the ring material is filled ptfe, static ring for alumina ceramic materials. The seal can be used for more than 30% of the concentration of hydrochloric acid, 50% below the dilute sulphuric acid, more than 98% of the concentration of phosphoric acid and various mixed acid. The seal service life is long, generally greater than 4000 h. For most water medium and acid medium choose WB2 or 152 type mechanical seal, 169 type mechanical seal is generally selected in alkaline medium. When working medium special should be selected according to dielectric properties of other types of mechanical seal, including material. 2, dynamic seal (including vice impeller Or deputy leaves) Parking seal and seal. The seal type used in conveying medium containing solid particles, generally applicable to solid content is more than 15% of the media. Need to allow inlet pressure dynamic seal pump, in order to avoid the user when used under high inlet pressure produces a large number of leaks. 3, shaft seal structure mainly refers to the nonmetallic magnetic drive pump, can be used to convey various do not allow the leakage of liquid. 4, the sealing ring ( Ring) : non-metallic pump is generally not a sealing ring. Second, non-metallic pump shaft of pump shaft is generally not contact with the media, adopts metal materials, used in fixed at one end the impeller, the other end for installing coupling. Non-metallic pump shaft and the impeller of pump often USES threaded connections. Three, non-metallic pump impeller impeller can be divided into open, half open and closed three. Closed impeller made of thermoplastics can cover before and after ultrasonic wave or vibration welding together. Half open, open impeller can be made from thermoplastic or thermosetting plastic. Impeller structure and buried metal structure in two. Low overall nonmetallic structure impeller strength, suitable for small pump; Buried metal structure in using moulding molding, high strength of the impeller. The structure of the four non-metallic pump, water pump body, pump body, which has two kinds of general and lining. Overall pump body refers to the pump body are non-metallic, generally applies only to small centrifugal pump. Lining pump body generally refers to the pump body material is cast iron or cast steel, for nonmetal lining layer. Overall pump body can choose thermosetting material, thermoplastic material, lining pump can be divided into elastic lining, spraying lining and rigid lining. Non-metallic pump for single-stage commonly, volute, the radial structure of subdivision. For the pump body can join to strengthen bones and muscles, non-metallic pump in order to prevent the vulnerability of the interface stress, can be in non-metallic pump body before and after both sides to increase cover plate, and connected with the bolt reinforcement. For the lining can be through the metal pump shell opening slots are fixed. Also can consider on the pump shell welding tortoise shell screen.
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