Fluorine plastic centrifugal pump material performance is introduced

by:J&T     2020-06-27
Fluorine plastic centrifugal pump by the pump body, support, shaft coupling and motor parts, such as fluorine plastic centrifugal pump flow components adopt fluorine plastic material, high temperature annealing process is widely used in alkaline, benzene, into a foil, pickling, pesticides, paper making, steel and other industries. To transport corrosive acid, alkali, salt, organic solvents, such as medium. Features: compact structure; Good oxidation resistance; Without toxin decomposition; The pump cavity flow full high efficiency; A long time in - 20℃本; Under the condition of 150 ℃ temperature and stable operation, High temperature resistant materials need to consult our company) 。 Fluorine plastic centrifugal pump bearing circle in the polishing process, the advantage is to improve the surface hardness, from HR15 to HR35. Convenient bearing dismantling, will not cause bearing in assembly process on deformation; Bearing box of mechanical fatigue strength increase, improve the service life of bearing. Assembly YE3 high efficiency and energy saving motor of the secondary energy consumption and ultra-low power consumption. Prices are slightly more expensive in YX3 motor, but average daily can save power up to 3% 8%. Mechanical seal selection is WB2 machine sealing, conducive to equalize pressure corrugated elastic more flexible, larger gap, is suitable for conveying a particle medium, auxiliary to the mill to form water membrane. And according to the working condition characteristics, there are many to the mill to choose from. Impeller with fluorine plastic alloy, not only has the corrosion resistant also has a certain wear resistance, all flow components are manufactured using fluorine plastic material, is an ideal water pump transmission of strongly corrosive liquid.
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