Fluorine plastic centrifugal pump installation height calculation method for the analysis

by:J&T     2020-06-27
Effect of fluorine plastic centrifugal pump has good corrosion resistance, fluorine plastic any concentration of acid, alkali, salt and other corrosive liquids. Fluorine plastic pump commonly used in the chemical production, how to install, fluorine plastic centrifugal pump should pay attention to what? Fluorine plastic centrifugal water pump is one of the commonly used in water pump, pump room inside the floor elevation depends on the pump installation height, correctly computing allows the installation height of pump, the pump can not only safe water supply, and can save construction cost, in order to avoid the occurrence of cavitation phenomenon, fluorine plastic centrifugal pump installation height need to be very careful check calculation. Allow the geometric installation height of water pump is associated with many conditions, formula is as follows: Hg) — Allow the geometric installation height of pump, m; ( Calculation results for the design, the actual height should be lower than allowed installation height) pe— Suction surface pressure, Pa; ( For the suction surface of the atmospheric pressure, elevation, the more the lower the high pressure) pv— Saturated vapor pressure, Pa; ( Associated with the water temperature, the higher the temperature, the higher the saturation vapor pressure) ρ — The density of fluid, kg/m3; g— Acceleration of gravity, 9. 81m/s2; ( NPSHr] — NPSH is allowed, m; ( Related to the water pump performance, provided by the water pump manufacturer) hw— In the suction pipe head loss, m. ( Associated with suction piping design, be determined by the designer) Note: the higher the altitude, the higher the water temperature, allowing the bigger NPSH, pressure pipe head loss, allowing the smaller geometric installation height.
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