Fluorine plastic centrifugal pump idling what harm and cause idling have?

by:J&T     2020-06-18
Fluorine plastic centrifugal pump is conveying acid and alkali and strong corrosion liquid pump, centrifugal pump in operation, is known to all idle running is not allowed, but idle centrifugal pump in a short time will not damage ( Within 1 minute) 。 Horizontal self-priming centrifugal pump in the pump cavity volume relative to other centrifugal pump has more space, have a rainwater storage location. Self-priming centrifugal pump work ago, cavity body filled with liquid, has a self-priming time before operation, pushing air this time into the pump body, this paragraph of time belongs to the part of the idle. Set the idle induction system. Through the modern equipment for real-time monitoring of the pump, when there is idle centrifugal pump immediately alarm and automatically stop, ensure the safety of the unit. And maintenance of the early warning system for centrifugal pump idling suggest another level to the design of centrifugal pump: 1, the position of each centrifugal pump clearance, under the condition of allowing to expand, prevent killed; 2, the axis of centrifugal pump special craft processing, tempering, heat treatment, etc. , to improve the hardness, with flexible low material, prevent idling big swing and killed; 3, use do not need to rely on liquid medium lubrication machine, packing chamber sealing body; 4, choose enclosed self-lubricating bearing without refueling. Centrifugal pump idling reasons: insufficient water pump imported medium or feed water pressure is not enough, or the pump inlet pipe blockage, or the pump chamber air has no rows in the body. Idling, centrifugal pump impeller no contact or rarely contact medium, can't effectively work, liquid cannot carry out normally, these are made useless. Motor of load because of the lack of effective work are very small, and generate an electric current is small, influence won't have any for motor, water pump idling for water pump is fatal. Idle pump cavitation, easily damage to pump body with flow; Idle form of pump mechanical seal or packing seal form idling, will not get fluid lubrication, lead to dry grinding, quickly damage; Idling of rotor pump parts, pump experience fever, no liquid cooling with heat bilges cold shrink the role of the narrow gap position ( Such as seal ring) It is easy to bite dead; Idling of multistage centrifugal pump balance disc no lubrication, balance disc will soon be burned to death, damage.
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