Fluorine plastic centrifugal pump cavitation and installation height

by:J&T     2020-06-19
Fluorine plastic centrifugal pump is commonly used in industrial production of corrosion-resistant centrifugal pump, fluorine plastic centrifugal pump is suitable for conveying acid and alkali, salt and other corrosive solvents, temperature can reach 150 degrees, get the user's consistent high praise, the centrifugal pump cavitation often hear, then what's the reason that produce, centrifugal pump installation height and height of a few meters? Centrifugal pump cavitation phenomenon refers to the liquid to be delivered due to temperature in conveying saturated vapor pressure is equal to or lower than the entrance to pump ( Actual for blade) at the entrance of And partial vaporization pressure, cause the pump noise and vibration, serious when, the efficiency of the pump flow rate and pressure head and significant decline, obviously, the cavitation phenomenon is centrifugal pump normal operation is not allowed to happen. Avoid cavitation phenomenon is the key to the installation height of the pump to correctly, especially when conveying high temperature easy volatile liquid, more attention should be paid to. Cavitation phenomenon, the water pump will produce noise and vibration of the head and flow rate, efficiency of pump performance fell sharply, accelerated the damage of materials at the same time, shorten the service life of the parts, therefore, must limit the height of the pump, to prevent liquid evaporation in great quantities, lest produce cavitation phenomenon. Centrifugal pump suction center to reservoir between liquid level height is called suction height, conceive of impeller inlet as an absolute vacuum, suction line resistance is zero, the liquid surface as a standard atmospheric pressure, the theory of geometric height is 10. 33 meters, however, because there are all sorts of resistance in the pump suction pipe, the impeller and the pump inlet is unlikely to be fully vacuum adverse factors, such as plus water pump inlet location must be NPSH, so general centrifugal pump suction height is not more than 4 & ndash; 5 meters. Centrifugal water pump cavitation phenomenon will make the pump cavitation, must make the liquid pump impeller inlet unit weight than vaporization pressure surplus energy, when the centrifugal pump suction height and the liquid temperature is higher, the suction pressure is less than or equal to the saturated vapor pressure of liquid is under the environment of the liquid in the pump inlet boiling evaporation, in the pump shell to form a space filled with steam, with the pump rotation, bubbles into the high, due to the differential effect, compression of air bubbles burst and condenses again, at the moment of condensation, particle impact each other, producing a high partial pressure. If these bubbles near the metal surface cracking and condensation, the liquid particle is like countless small warhead, consecutive punches in the metal surface, the surface cracks on wire products, metal and even local produce peeling phenomenon, make the surface of the impeller in honeycomb, at the same time, lively bubbles of certain gases such as oxygen into the crack on the surface of the metal, with the help of bubble condensation when gives off heat, chemical corrosion to metal, the above phenomenon is the cavitation.
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