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by:J&T     2020-04-02
Petrochemical industry occupies very important position in national economy, fluorine-butterfly pump as an important auxiliary equipment, more and more get people's attention. Because of the complexity of the transport medium characteristics and production requirements increasing, how to choose the right equipment model: 1. To meet the requirements of dielectric properties, for the transport of flammable, explosive, toxic or valuable medium fluoride pump shaft sealing is reliable or no leakage of pump, such as magnetic drive pump ( No shaft seal, magnetic isolation indirect transmission) , the pump for the transmission of corrosive media, convection component must use corrosion resistant materials, such as fluorine plastic corrosion water pump, pump medium containing solid particles, convection components must adopt wear-resisting material, with a clean liquid cleaning shaft seal when necessary. 2. The requirement of machinery is high reliability, low noise, low vibration. 3. When the medium level under the installation position of the pump, should choose FZB lining fluoride pump, if you want to meet the characteristics of the pump, can choose ZMD fluorine plastic self-priming magnetic pump. 4. Fluorine-butterfly pump type and performance meet the flow, lift, pressure, temperature, cavitation allowance, suction process parameters such as request. 5. Correct calculation of lining fluoride pump purchasing cost. When choosing lining fluoride pump type, considering the location of the transmission medium and medium level is very important. According to these two points, can according to the actual need to determine the basic model and other flow, lift, etc. The previous: stainless steel chemical water pump should be how to store the next: glass fiber reinforced plastic anti-corrosion pump
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