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by:J&T     2020-04-07
Ferrous sulfate pump it USES high quality imported stainless steel plate, adopting international advanced fully drawn and stamping process. The product has reasonable structure, stable operation, high reliability, strong corrosion resistance, inside and outside is smooth and beautiful, light weight, low noise characteristics. Its efficiency, cavitation performance indicators such as greatly exceeds the IH water pump, completely beyond the traditional casting water pump. 。 The product's size and performance meet DIN24256 / ISO2858 standards. This product contour artistic, high efficiency, stable operation, low maintenance cost, cost-effective. The product has high strength, high toughness and excellent corrosion resistance, suitable for a small amount of particles in the high temperature and corrosive medium. Made of SUS304, 304 L, 316316 L, used in transporting low or high temperature liquid, neutral or corrosive liquid, clean liquid or liquid containing solid particles. Widely used in chemical industry and petrochemical industry, refinery, paper and pulp, sugar, starch, fermentation, etc. A: long shaft submerged water pump main features next article: ferrous sulfate pump
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