Feed water pump pipeline valve type selection is introduced

by:J&T     2020-06-21
Feed water pump is commonly used in the water conveyance project of water pump, when installing a feed water pump, what are the selection of pipeline valves, how should choose? A, feed water pump pipe on the road the valve selection principles of using 1, be used to adjust the flow rate and pressure regulating valve, cut-off valve, request the part of the flow resistance is small (2 Such as water pump suction pipe) , appropriate USES 3 gate valve, flow should be two-way flow should be adopted on the section of gate valve, butterfly valve, cut-off valve 4, and shall be used for pipe diameter is not more than 50 mm, appropriate USES cut-off valve, pipe diameter greater than 50 mm when the gate valve, butterfly valve 5, small installation space parts of appropriate USES butterfly valve, ball valve 6, on the section of frequently opening and closing, appropriate USES cut-off valve. 7, diameter larger water water pump outlet pipe on the appropriate USES multifunctional valve. Second, the water supply pipeline valve setting position 1, indoor water supply pipe to the residents, public toilet, etc. Meet the promises - pipes, water pipe water distribution point for more than 3 and 3 set, water pump outlet pipe, the irrigation water pump suction pump 3, inlet and outlet pipe of water tank, drain pipe, equipment (4 Such as a heater, cooling towers, etc. ) The water filling water pipe 5, sanitary ware, Such as large, urinal, wash basin, shower, etc. ) Pipes, some accessories, such as automatic exhaust valve, relief valve, water hammer eliminator, sprinkling water pressure gauge, switch, etc before, such as 6, before and after the pressure reducing valve and the backflow of water supply pipe network of appropriate Settings below drain valve 7, residential area water supply pipeline from the introduction of municipal water supply pipeline section, residential area outside the annular pipe network node, should be set according to the requirements of separation. Circular section is too long, the appropriate Settings block valve 8, pick out from the residential area water main branch pipe meet the household starts or pipe starts, household, water meter, and each branch pipe ( At the bottom of the riser, vertical loop network, the bottom part of the riser) 9, loop system of main, well versed in dendritic pipeline network connecting pipe, water supply pipe three Settings check valve is introduced into tube; Closed on the inlet pipe of the water heater or water equipment; The water pump outlet pipe; Share a pipeline in and out of the water tank, water tower, highland pool water section. Note: a section of pipeline backflow, need not be in check. Four, the location of the feed water pipe set exhaust 1, intermittent use of the water supply pipe network, the network terminal and high automatic exhaust valve should be set up 2, feed water pipe network and accumulated air section, has been set in the peak point of the this automatic valve or valve manually exhaust 3, pressure water supply equipment, when using automatic fill gas pressure tank, the water distribution pipeline of high should be set automatically exhaust valve, check valve selection of check valve should be according to the installation place commonly, following the closure of the valve before the water pressure, the sealing performance and closing caused by factors such as water hammer size to choose: 1, the valve, hydraulic hours before appropriate chooses swing and shuttle check valves, ball type 2, after close airtight performance requirements closely, appropriate chooses a close check valve spring 3, closed water hammer, undercut appropriate chooses sound check quick closing valve or slow close check valve with damping device. 4, check valve, valve break or valve core, should be under the action of gravity and spring force to shut down.
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