Feed pump, circumfluence pump, bottom pump, circulating pump should choose what kind of pumps, centrifugal pumps can be used?

by:J&T     2020-06-18
In project planning and design institute will be in the selected pump is given feed pump, circumfluence pump, bottom pump, circulating pump and other kinds of pumps, for these pump, chemical pump manufacturer did not call, chemical pump manufacturers have collectively, such as centrifugal pump, magnetic pump, according to the material of the stainless steel pump, cast iron water pump, fluorine plastic pump, etc. , then to feed water pump, circumfluence pump, bottom pump, circulating pump, such as the selection of pump? A centrifugal pump can be used, these are common pump; A, feed pump ( Including raw material and intermediate feeding pump) 1, characteristics: ( 1) Flow stability ( 2) Generally high lift ( 3) Some raw material viscosity larger or containing solid particles ( 4) Introduction to pump temperature to room temperature, but some intermediate feeding pump inlet temperature can also be greater than 100 ℃, 5) You cannot stop at work: (2, selection requirements 1) Generally choose centrifugal pump ( 2) Lift is very high, can consider using positive displacement pump or high-speed pump ( 3) The reserve rate of 100% of the pump, circulating pump, characteristics: (1 1) Flow stability, low head, 2) There are many different kinds of medium: (2, selection requirements 1) Choose a single-stage centrifugal pump ( 2) According to the medium of water pump type and materials ( 3) standby rate is 50% ~ 100%, bottom pump, characteristics: 1 1) Flow fluctuation range ( Level control flow) is commonly used in ( 2) Traffic is bigger, 3) inlet temperature is higher, generally greater than 100 ℃, 4) Generally liquid in gas liquid two phase, small (NPSHa 5) High working reliability requirements ( 6) Harsh working conditions, generally have dirt precipitation, requirements: (2 1) Generally choose single stage centrifugal pump, large flow, double suction pump (optional 2) Choose low NPSH pump, and adopt necessary perfusion head ( 3) reserve rate of 100%, the reflux pump ( Including top, middle and bottom reflux pump) 1, characteristics: ( 1) Flow fluctuation range, low head ( 2) inlet temperature is not high, generally is 30 ~ 60 ℃ ( 3) 2, requirements: (high working reliability requirement 1) Generally choose single-stage centrifugal pump ( 2) standby pump valve at a rate of 50% ~ 100% of anhui gold production of chemical corrosion-resistant centrifugal pump according to user requirements, meet various parameters, otherwise no for users to choose according to working condition of leakage magnetic centrifugal pump, anhui gold production technology mature, get the user's consistent high praise.
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