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by:J&T     2020-03-30
Explosion-proof vortex water pump maintenance and storage of 1. Using the environment should be kept clean and clean the surface of the fan, air intake should be no clutter. Fan on a regular basis in addition to the dust and other debris inside. 2. Only can be run at the bottom of the fan party situation completely, keep the power supply facilities of both sufficient capacity, voltage stability, it is strictly prohibited to open phase running, power supply line must be dedicated line, should not use temporary line power supply for a long time. 3. Found in operating the fan sound, fever, serious when motor shell charged, switch trip, so we can not start, please immediately stop check. Don't allow for repair, fan operation. Should be about five minutes after the debugging maintenance, confirm no abnormal phenomenon, and then began to run. 4. Occasionally supplement or replace bearing grease ( Close bearing on the service life of the motor without grease replacement) To ensure that during the period of operation, good lubrication of the fan, the number of oil supply is not less than thousand hours according to the environmental conditions/times, closed bearings, bearing and motor fuels two-thirds of ZL - 3 with lithium grease filling bearing inner ring and outer ring. The fan should be stored in a dry environment, in order to avoid be affected with damp be affected with damp. Optional fan shell mainly depends on the thickness of the coating cold galvanized sheet. Thin is easy to rust, should not be used; Entrance fan cover has two kinds of galvanized steel and glass material, galvanized steel good choice; Motor power 750 w and 1100 w, 1100 w motor was chosen; More types of fans, material is stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, steel color, from in terms of performance, shall be made from stainless steel blade. Fan in the shape of varieties, good formability and processing performance is complex; Aluminum die casting component rotation, two kinds of cast iron, on the contrary, optimizing die casting aluminum performance; Automatic shutter release parts and rotating spindle, gravity hammer and wind type. From experience, relatively stable centrifugal hammer, impact hammer susceptible to gravity dust, easy to open and close down. It is mainly used for wind and 36 inches of the fan. The shutters mainly to see if its good adhesiveness. Used in electric power, steel, cement, paper and other industries, because of gaseous medium conveying, fan of equipment used in contain large amounts of dust particles and acid gas, device of the current component, through the strong erosion corrosion - Components, especially the heart of impeller, it runs at 160 meters per second blade tip linear velocity, the wear rate of more serious than other parts. According to statistics, the use of ordinary carbon steel or by 16 mn steel, only half a life only dozens of days commonly drunk short general wear-resisting impeller, while using a variety of wear-resistant overlaying welding measures such as surface, spray, spray, wear-resisting polymer coating materials, service life is difficult to obtain improved significantly. Is a commonly used method in surfacing, the effect can be, in general need for large-scale repair for more than a year. The disadvantage is that due to the presence of large amounts of energy welding, if improper control, can cause deformation of the impeller, and repair can't reuse. Thermal spray spray has the same problem, which greatly limits its application. In an article: the focus of the fluorine plastic magnetic water pump maintenance next up: no more later
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