Environmental protection idea _ to foster import dry vacuum pump industry

by:J&T     2020-06-04

environmental protection planning is clear, to manufacture a conservation-minded society, green manufacturing type, safety culture trend of way in the future. Hurricane as 'green' to strengthen the consciousness, environmental protection consciousness to improve the development of China's imports of dry vacuum pump, also began to actively participate in the 'fei green fresh air system'.

1。 Dry series rotary vane vacuum pumps, vacuum pump can be used as lubricating oil, machinery and equipment import vacuum pumps running job. It has simple structure, very convenient to actual operation and easy maintenance and maintenance, not easy to pollute the environment, etc. The durability of two series of dry vacuum pump, vacuum packaging, shrink, two import vacuum pumps, is for the use of this kind of vacuum pump is the basis of general mechanical equipment.

2。 It works normally in the capacity of the pump, and also, the stator and rotor of the motor, rotary vane, engine cylinder, the key components in the composition of motor. A rotating rotor blades, its axial force in the scheduled installation mentioned in the tank, when high speed rotor, rotor slot from 4 rotating blades traction pump chamber into the chamber 4 axial interval, due to the influence of the centrifugal force, close to the rotating blades are compared. in addition, described in the motor stator is separated into emissions entrance, circulating operation, to perform a varactor, drawn into steam, from the outlet, the vacuum head turn.

3。 Drying equipment imported vacuum pump ( Also known as dry mechanical pump test) Refers to the atmospheric pressure under the bubble under vacuum, gas extracted immediately to the air, no oil in the pump chamber substances or other substances, and spool pump working pressure limit seal vacuum pump entrance or near the entrance to the mechanical vacuum pump of the same size. Ultrafiltration device is commonly used in oil, although the import vacuum pumps can be described with the skeleton of the adsorption cold traps or the hole, in order to avoid backflow comments, but I can't get rid of the problem, the system software is seal looks complicated.

4。 The humidity of dry vacuum pump application, can achieve more than the ideal practical effect, have noise is very small, practical environmental protection effect is very good. Because, import vacuum pumps forecast analysis: benefit from the environmental policy, government departments and social public rises relatively green concept, try dry dry vacuum pump or will become the future of the import of vacuum pump market cake 'beacon'.

therefore, imported vacuum pump manufacturers should step up scientific research funds, to test the dry vacuum pump product research and development of improved, relying on a wide range of government policy support, promote the development of dry vacuum pump industry and product upgrade. Efforts to accelerate the research and manufacture of dry vacuum water pump integration, the application of new technology, accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements.

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