Environment temperature and the effect of smoking a quantity of water ring vacuum pump

by:J&T     2020-06-04

water ring vacuum pump performance is good, it is mainly used for various production and processing. When used, the efficiency will be influenced by many factors. The environment temperature is one of the factors. Therefore, when using, should pay more attention to environment temperature control, in order to ensure the normal operation of the vacuum pump. The following will introduce the influence of environment temperature and the reason for the lack of extraction.

water ring vacuum pump using the environment temperature should be lower than 40 ° C, and motor temperature rise shall not exceed 75 ° C. Electromagnetic pump normal operation after 1000 hours, bearing and 020 - 2 shall be removed and replaced, should not replace the consumables should also be replaced. For medium to precipitation and crystallization, should be timely clean the pump after use, dry water pump internal product side by side. The liquid. Vacuum pump should always be kept clean. Don't in the vacuum water pump water ring placed on other goods, and shall not block the channel around the vacuum pump for maintenance and operation. Attention to the looseness and adjust v belt. Pay attention to whether pipe and casing leakage, the valve body of vacuum decline or must be repaired in a timely manner; Often pay attention to the cooling water was clear; Start to intermittently when start 4 - every time 6 times, each time 2 s, to overcome the high torque of startup.

water ring vacuum pump suction ability insufficient reasons:

( 1) Water ring vacuum pump without irrigation or insufficient water supply.

( 2) Clearance between the impeller and the side cover is too big.

( 3) Gland leakage.

( 4) The water pump to reduce.

( 5) Circulating water temperature is high.

( 6) On the impeller scaly sediment formation, blocked the blade between the small chamber and reduced the intake.

extraction ability insufficient how to deal with?

( 1) To the water ring vacuum pump with water or water.

( 2) According to the abrasion value, minus the pump body and extra paper pad between the side cover, and adjust the clearance for the specified value.

( 3) Tighten or replace packing, and add a certain amount of seal water.

( 4) Will increase to the specified value of revolution, and increase the cold water supply.

( 5) The sediment removal filter, pump and pipeline.

for water ring vacuum pump, in use process must ensure that the environment temperature in the reasonable scope, and don't blind operation. It also mentioned the lack of water ring vacuum pump suction. When the vacuum pump because of the effect of environmental temperature and abnormal, please pay attention to timely stop check and maintenance work.

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