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by:J&T     2020-06-30

in some industrial fields, especially in the metallurgical, chemical, food and electronics field, need to vacuum and vacuum container in order to realize completely sterile operation, at the same time also in vacuum environment, and operating more rich. For example, realizes the high temperature heat treatment, for example, to achieve aseptic processing, etc. Drugs of dry dry is different from other general products. It must conform to GMP requirements. Many drugs is sensitive to heat. The highest heating temperature tightly restricted. Many drugs are not allowed to add heat to the air medium dry. Some synthetic drugs in organic solvent crystallization, in order to reduce the product cost and protect the environment, the drying process of evaporation of the organic solvents should be recycled. For example, vitamin C and amino acid nutrition drug production scale is more and more big, the energy-saving and dry also nots allow to ignore. Screw vacuum pump manufacturers have developed and developed the original drying equipment, drying requirements to meet the strict drugs, from dry to ensure that product is free from contamination, thermal sensitive, energy-saving and high efficiency, as well as the comprehensive requirements of organic solvent recovery. The dry screw vacuum pump used in drug of what is the solution? This solution is feasible? Information about the specific information can be seen in the small make up.

China's food and drug requires absolute vacuum processing, in order to realize the sterile and dry processing. In this process, there is a clear need for a screw vacuum pump, it can realize dry, sterile processing, processing and create a better atmosphere, make food and medicine can store relatively long time, so in these areas, widely accepted.

screw vacuum pump is a kind of pumping unit, it USES a pair of screw pump housing to perform synchronous high-speed reverse rotation in the suction and discharge function. It is oil seal vacuum pump update products, can remove a large amount of water vapor, a small amount of dust in gas is widely used in need Gao Qingjie vacuum requirement of domestic pharmaceutical, chemical and semiconductor industries.

screw vacuum water pump advantages:

1, the working chamber and the screw rotor surface have anticorrosive coating, can adapt to bad working environment;

2。 Gas not gas is put inside the pump, suitable for extraction of condensable gas;

3, no fuel consumption, no drop of water;

4, simple structure, easy maintenance;

5, pumping gas directly from the pump body, do not pollute the water, no environmental pressure, gas recovery faster.

choose dry screw vacuum pump to the drug because it dry in the drying chamber can be frozen in advance to the aqueous solution of minimum eutectic point, make the product completely frozen, and then vacuum cleaning, use the sublimation of ice. Performance to dry ice sublimation for gas directly, the product quality is stable and loose. After adding water, it dissolves quickly, to restore the original characteristic to the liquid. At the same time, the products are light weight, small size, low water content, long-term preservation.

vacuum equipment products has become an indispensable one of the basic components of vacuum engineering, its quantity is big, wide area. Dry screw vacuum pump is a vacuum device. In recent years, the development of the vacuum water pump is more and more subject to the conditions of application. The traditional vacuum system can't satisfy the clean oil, corrosion resistance, has been replaced with the clean oil free vacuum acquisition system. Dry screw vacuum pump belongs to this category. Without oil, dry vacuum pump, internal compression screw vacuum pump can significantly reduce the drive energy.

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