Do you know what are forging flange production process?

by:J&T     2020-06-30
Selection of high quality steel billet blanking, heating, forming, cooling after forging. Forging process method have free forging and die forging and die forging. Production batch production, the quality of forgings according to size, how to select different forging method. The casting flange, blank shape size accurate, processing capacity is small, the cost is low, but there are casting defects ( Porosity. Crack. Inclusion) ; Poor casting internal organization streamline ( If it is cutting parts, less streamlined) ; Forging flange generally lower than the casting flange carbon is not easy to rust, forging good streamline, organization is compact, mechanical performance is superior to the casting flange; Improper forging technology also can appear grain big or uneven, solidification cracking phenomenon, higher than the casting flange forging cost. Forging than casting can withstand the higher shear and tensile force. Casting the advantage is that can make more complex shape, the cost is low; Uniform and internal organization, there is no blow hole, harmful defects such as inclusions; From the casting production process difference between flange and forging flange, such as centrifugal flange is one of the casting flange. Called the forging model forging, placing the blank after heating on fixed in die forging equipment within the forging die forging forming. Basic process: blanking, heating, forging, finish forging and even skin, trimming, conditioning, shot peening. Commonly used technology is upsetting, pull long, bending, punching and forming. Common die forging equipment common die forging die forging hammer, hot die forging press, forging machine and friction press, etc. Informally, forging flange quality better, typically by forging production, fine crystal organization, high strength, of course the price is expensive. 1, cut the flange on the medium plate cutting directly from the inside of the flange have manufactured outside diameter and thickness of the disc, then the bolt hole and water treatment. Such produce flange is called cutting flange, such large diameter flange is limited to the width of the plate. 2, rolling flange made of medium plate cutting blade and then rolled round process called, and more used in the production of some large flange. Coiling success after welding, and then pressing it, and then to line, and the process of bolt hole processing. 3, centrifugal flange belong to precision casting method, this kind of casting than ordinary sand mold casting to much fine organization, quality improvement, is not easy to loose organization, porosity, trachoma and other issues. 4, cold forging basic process: free forging, forging shape is through some basic billet forging step by step into the deformation process. Basic free forging process is upsetting, pull long, punching, bending and shearing, etc. Cutting: split blank or removal of head of forging process. Long: pull is increase the length of the billet, section decrease of forging process, usually to produce axial condition, such as lathe spindle, connecting rod, etc. Piercing: use a punch on the billet rushed out of the hole or blind hole of the forging process. Bending: make blank bent at an Angle or the shape of the forging process. Upset: the axial forging is on the original billet, to lower its height, increase the cross section of operation process. This process is often used in forging gear billet and other disc forgings. Upsetting is divided into all upset and two local forging rough. Reverse: make part of the billet relative to another part of the rotation Angle of the forging process.
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