Do you know the fluorine plastic pump safety valve selection essentials to use?

by:J&T     2020-06-21
Fluorine plastic pump adopts the anti-corrosive fluorine plastic material, generally have fluorine plastic centrifugal water pump, fluorine plastic magnetic water pump, fluorine plastic pipeline water pump, fluorine plastic self-priming pump, fluorine plastic pumps are mainly used in conveying the corrosive liquid, for pipeline configuration and the selection of the valve is also required, users need to choose according to which parameters when choosing safety valve appropriate safety valve? Relief valve according to its overall structure and the different loading mechanism can be divided into heavy hammer lever, spring and pulse. Three types of safety valve, using more common is spring loaded safety valve. A, various parameters for safety valve 1, determine the nominal pressure relief valve; According to the valve material selected nominal pressure, working temperature and working pressure. The determination of 2, material: select the material of the relief valve should be considered work medium temperature, pressure, dielectric performance and manufacturability of the material, economic and other factors. 3, determine the relief valve pressure rating: according to the pressure vessel design pressure and design temperature selected work stress level, the relief work stress and work stress level has a different meaning of the spring. The relief valve pressure refers to the normal operation of the relief valve when the valve under static pressure, before it is with protection system or equipment at the same working pressure. And spring pressure level is a root spring is allowed to use the scope of work pressure, the pressure within the scope of the relief valve opening pressure ( The setting pressure) Can be adjusted by changing the amount of preloaded compression spring. The same nominal pressure relief valve, based on the spring design requirements, can be divided into many different job stress level. When choosing the relief valve opening pressure values for according to determine the pressure level of the valve. 4, to determine the safety valve discharge pressure Pd: relief valve discharge pressure is commonly setting ( Opening pressure) 1. 1 times the discharge pressure of the steam boiler safety valve for setting pressure of 1. 3 times. 5, to determine the safety valve size: according to the required emissions to determine, the relief valve discharge capacity & ge; Required emissions. Necessary emissions by the protection system refers to the system when the abnormal overpressure to prevent overpressure must be ruled out by the quantity, it is by the system or equipment working conditions, capacity, and may cause overpressure. Two installation 1, safety valve, relief valve, to set up the static across the line, in order to prevent the relief valve opening and closing over and over again, flutter, damaging the valve and to reduce the safety valve inlet pipeline pressure drop, namely, increasing inlet pipe diameter, shorten the inlet section. 2, for the corrosive medium, the relief valve to combined with rupture disk installation. 3, for highly toxic medium, to choose good sealing valve type. 4, for high temperature medium relief valve, high temperature of spring, should avoid to choose spring safety valve. 5, for the spherical tank with safety valve, to install the double safety valve, and any one of the relief valve pressure ability, can meet the requirements of the spherical tank safety relief. 6, the important safety valve, or the influence of fire relief valve, to set up the spray protection.
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