Do you know the corrosion resistant chemical pump leakage reason and solution

by:J&T     2020-06-17
Corrosion resistant chemical water pump used to transport corrosive liquids in the chemical industry is a wide range of pumps, anti-corrosion chemical pump fluoride plastic pump, stainless steel pump, corrosion resistant mortar pump, using corrosion resistant materials manufacturing and become, has the very strong corrosion resistance effect, chemical pump delivery is corrosive, toxic volatile or medium, so the sealing performance is one of the standard to measure chemical water pump is good or bad. Corrosion resistant chemical pump leakage has been a very headache, chemical water pump seal after long time use will appear wear away, serious can cause leaks, so what are the ways to solve? There are many different kinds of chemical pumps with mechanical seal and different models, but the leakage points are: between the shaft sleeve and shaft seal. Between the collar and sleeves seal; Between dynamic and static ring sealing; On static ring and static ring sealing between; Seal between the sealing cover and pump body. 1, sealing continuous drip possible reasons: surface uneven; Graphite sealing surface bubbles; Sealing surface solution: thermal deformation in the process of installation, auxiliary sealing o-ring aging, scratches due to compression deformation auxiliary seal harden brittle due to chemical auxiliary seal change soft sticky. 2, spring failure likely reason: due to corrosion, damage of metal accessories, driving mechanism was corrosion solution: check the incorrect installation size, check whether the inappropriate material to improve flush the cooling pipe and seal type, check whether any gland bolts torque too large deformation, check whether the gland shim pressure appropriate, check the sealing surface between the presence of other solid particles, such as required for sealing surface polishing. Check the sealing surface of cracks, replace, cooperate with sealing ring. 3, operation process, seal a zip possible reasons: seal enough lubricant solution: increase the bypass flushing pipeline ( If not, Expand the bypass flushing pipeline and/or an opening in a gland. 4, the operation of sealing crackling ( End face crackle) The possible reasons: sealing fluid in the sealing interface vaporization; Strengthen the sealing surface cooling solution: increase the bypass flushing pipeline ( If not, Expand the bypass flushing pipeline and/or an opening in a gland.
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