Do you know the anti-corrosion pump flow components refers to which part?

by:J&T     2020-06-23
Anticorrosive pump is usually used in the conveying of corrosive liquid pumps, for the particularity of medium, is also very strict material selection of anticorrosive pump, anticorrosive pump flow part contact with the liquid, so there must be a good corrosion resistance, so the pump flow components which contain, refers to the parts? One, the pump flow components refers to what many do not understand pump products people really want to know what are the main flow components of pump, actually we commonly used centrifugal pump as an example to centrifugal pump vane pump, vane pump flow components are mainly the impeller and the pump cavity, absorbing water chamber, pump cover, seal, pressure water chamber, water pump shaft and other main components of the two, the action of the pump impeller and the impeller type pump impeller is an important work of pump parts, its shape, size and processing technology has a decisive influence on pump performance. The role of the pump impeller is the prime mover input energy to the liquid. The shape and size of the pump impeller and the pump performance has a close relationship. The pump impeller can generally be divided into single suction and double suction type two kinds. Single suction impeller for unilateral absorbing water, small flow pump impeller for this form. On both sides of the double suction impeller for water absorption, large flow pump impeller adopts double suction impeller. There are three kinds of main pump impeller structure: there are front and back cover called closed impeller. Only HouGaiBan called half open impeller. Excellent HouGaiBan called open impeller. The structure of leaf also can be divided into two kinds of cylindrical blades and twisted blade. Centrifugal pump of pump impeller blade is commonly after curved blade. Blade has cylindrical and distorted form two kinds, application of twisted blade can reduce the load on the blade, and improves centrifugal pump inhalation can improve the ability of resistance to cavitation, but manufacturing is difficult, the cost is higher. Water pump impeller refining chemical centrifugal pump impeller to casting or full welding seam overall pump impeller. impeller welding is developed in recent years, more than used for casting the worse performance of metal materials, such as iron and its alloy, manufacturing of chemical use special centrifugal pump. Welding pump impeller geometric accuracy and surface roughness were superior to the casting impeller, is helpful to improve the efficiency of the centrifugal pump. 2 - general closed water pump impeller After 12 curved blade, with high efficiency, such as the single suction and double suction centrifugal pump is adopted the impeller. The single-stage single-suction centrifugal pump impeller with axial force, so some of the impeller blade roots balance hole is open. Three and a half, the structure of the pump impeller and blade open and open impeller blade number is less, generally for 2 ~ 5, mostly used for pumping slurry liquid granular or sewage, such as sewage pump impeller. In the field of sewage, in order to guarantee delivery medium containing solid particles, such as fiber entanglement when yuan jams, often USES the port type impeller. Water pump impeller material should have enough mechanical strength, and have certain wear-resisting, corrosion resistance. According to the requirements of transmission medium is usually cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel or such as bronze material conveying inflammable and explosive oil pump products all adopt the impeller. Four, pump suction chamber, pump, water pump room 1, the pump cavity and pump suction chamber is located in the front of the impeller, its role is to put the liquid to the impeller, circulate in the pump and liquid pump cavity and the important position of the output. 2, pressurized water chamber is located in the impeller peripheral, sometimes called the pump body. Its function is to collect from the flow of fluid in the impeller, and most of the kinetic energy is converted into pressure energy, and then into the discharge pipe, 3, suction chamber and pressure of water chamber materials should have enough mechanical strength, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, generally USES cast iron, cast steel and stainless steel casting. Anticorrosive pump such as cast steel lining fluorine plastic outside. Five, the pump cover. Seal impeller pump cover are fixed with the seal of the main parts, the impeller rotation, through the seal to prevent liquid leakage, fluid flow, pump cover is in direct contact with the liquid components.
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